EVP Capture – ”Keep Your Cool”

The following evp was captured whilst I was alone in my kitchen. I had recently obtained the Entity Sensor Pro for my Android HTC mobile (cell) phone and was toying with the settings when I discovered the following recording.

I was alone in the kitchen and no appliances (t.v or radio) was playing at the time.

I believe the recoding says the words ”Keep your cool”. We have two spirits residing in our home, one a young girl who sometimes is vocal and plays with our dogs toys, she is not ever seen, only felt & heard. The other is the spirit of an elderly woman who we see walking the hallway of our home. From a bedroom to the library and from the dining room to the kitchen seem to be her two favourite routes. It is her who’s voice I believe I captured in this recording.


Keep Your Cool by AndrewXGH

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