English Family Forced To Flee Haunted Flat!

A TERRIFIED mum is refusing to live in her ‘haunted’ council flat after she claims her one-year-old son became disturbed by spirits.

Tacy Bruce believes the Long Close Lane home, in York, is inhabited by ghosts and has not lived there for two months because of the toddler’s behaviour.

The 21-year-old beauty therapist claims the ghouls have shared the home with her for months and often hide her belongings.

She claims they have scratched her back and reduce her son to tears.

The one-bedroom flat has been blessed three times, including by Canon Alan Sheridan, the parish priest at the nearby St George’s Catholic Church, and visited by Lillyanne, a psychic medium, who broadcasted her visit here on facebook.

Play Video Long Close Lane Long Close Lane However, City of York Council has refused to move Miss Bruce and left her with no option but to stay with her parents.

Miss Bruce shares the home with her partner Daniel Morley and says the supernatural beings have taken the form of a small child, a man and an animal, and has videos of ‘orbs’ or beams of light moving quickly across the room.

“I’m petrified to go back there with my son,” she explained.

“I feel uncomfortable in there and the atmosphere changes at night.

“My son would be screaming from morning to night and as soon as he came out the house he was a completely different child.

“I’m sick of people telling me they are reflections, light or dust.”

Miss Bruce claims to have never believed in ghosts before moving into the home, but a number of unexplained supernatural events have left her scratching her head and scared to be alone.

She said she woke up one morning to find the contents of a Calpol bottle poured across her cooker despite leaving the lid screwed on and returned home one day to find her coffee, tea and sugar jars rearranged.

On other days she claims to have switched off her son’s toy car only for it to still make a noise, and says her purse has gone missing for 45 minutes just moments after she gave it to her son to hold when he became inconsolable at what Miss Bruce claims was the ghosts tormenting him.

She added: “I’ve felt like something is making me angry and it changes how I think and feel.

“I’ve never believed in ghosts before but I do now and nobody can say to me ‘they don’t exist.’”

James Bailey, landlord services manager at City of York Council, said: “In line with our usual assessment processes, we have considered the evidence provided, visited the property and interviewed the tenant. We have found that this case does not meet the criteria to move the tenant, who we have advised on their rehousing options.”

Source: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/15125949.Video__My_flat_is_haunted_and_I_have_pictures_to_prove_it/

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