Ed & Lorraine Warren: What To Do When You See A Ghost!

Ed and Lorraine Warren discuss general principles of what to do when a ghost is seen. Ed sums this up as a process of asking in the name of God if there is some way you could help. If so, the more positive ghost will more likely seek what is wanted. While warning not to communicate too much with spirits, Ed notes that spirits sometimes are confused when they die, thus becoming earthbound, and in need of some caring help. A more evil spirit will disappear immediately if confronted in such a manner. Such was the case with the Viners. Upon buying this large, working farm, they noticed the farm hands did not like to go up to certain parts of the house; some even slept with weapons. Mrs. Viner would soon learn why. She began to hear the scene of a man running into the house and up the stairs where she would then hear two men fighting. She would also hear strange sounds and even saw shadow ghosts at times. The Viners quickly decided to move out, but wanted to clear the house of the haunting in order to sell with a good conscience.

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