Dead Man Asks For Psychics To Contact Him!

A television program in Norway has launched an audacious experiment in an attempt to establish communication with the dead.

Dubbed ‘Folkeopplysningen’ or ‘The Public Enlightenment,’ the investigative program enlisted a dying man named Rolf Erik to help with the unorthodox endeavor.

Stricken with cancer and soon to pass away, Erik penned a message which was then sealed in an envelope and secured inside a safe by the show’s producers.

Although he would die only a few weeks later, Erik promised the program that, as part of their experiment, he would be waiting in the afterlife to, if possible, impart the contents of the message to anyone who could reach him.

In a somewhat unsettling video recorded before his death, Erik directly addresses the program’s viewers with his paranormal call to action.

“When you see this, I am dead. But if it is possible to communicate with me after I am dead, I would like to talk to you,” he tells the audience, “then I will tell you exactly what I have written.”

While the experiment may be seen as macabre by some, Erik and his family were enthusiastic about participating in the program.

Prior to his death, he expressed the belief that the program could serve to either confirm that communication with the dead is possible or it could help to dispel that idea and, thus, prevent people from being taken advantage of by nefarious individuals.

Therefore, the program’s producers are encouraging purported psychic mediums to contact Erik in the hereafter and submit their version of his message at their website by September 25th for the program’s October 5th season finale where the results of the experiment will be revealed.

“If only a single participant has real abilities and makes contact with Rolf Erik, it will be a sensation,” one of the producers marveled, “in that case, we have made one of the most important TV-programs throughout history.”

As to whether Erik, himself, believed that he could pass along his message from the afterlife, his final words to the audience were rather coy: “We will talk later. Maybe.”

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