The David Oman House – Cielo Drive Los Angeles!

The history of the Oman house is quite unique, as it is a newer home that has had only one owner, David Oman, who built the house with his father and moved in upon completion in 2002. The question here is why this home is so active with paranormal activity?

There are a few theories, one of them being that David Oman’s home is 200 feet away from the house where Sharon Tate and friends were tragically murdered by the Mansion Family in 1969. That original house has since changed hands and has been torn down with a new dwelling in its place; yet, one can see the gates leading to the property where so much tragedy took place from David’s front door.

As the story has been told on SyFy’s ‘Paranormal Witness’, ‘Haunted History’, and more recently, ‘Ghost Adventures’, the activity started during construction, but really started to escalate after David moved in.

David has seen everything from objects moving on their own, to disembodied voices, to full bodied apparitions in his home over the years. He has seen apparitions of Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring, one of Sharon Tate’s friends who had also been murdered that night so many years ago.

If one doubts the claims of David Oman, there are many people who have also seen the apparitions and have had other types of paranormal experiences in David’s home. Quite a few of David’s friends have their own stories to tell and have been interviewed by the SyFy Channel in particular during their documentary on the Cielo Drive home which aired in 2013.

Additionally, just about every well-known medium, psychic, and paranormal investigator has visited the Oman house and one thing they all agree on, is that the paranormal activity is real and has been documented.

The years of living with paranormal activity has led David Oman to write and produce a horror film, loosely based on the experiences he has had over the years. ‘House at the End of the Drive’, which stars James Oliver, recently was screened at ‘Shockfest 2014’. David Oman and co-writer Jim Vines won for Best Writers at the film festival’s award ceremony which was hosted by horror genre royalty, Linda Blair.

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