Charlotte’s Web – Recipe/Ritual!

Warning: As with all of these recipes/rituals/games, play them at your own risk!

How to play Charlotte’s Web


Multiple flashlights NO CANDLES
A second person
1 mirror
A toy
2 chairs
A table

Go into a room without windows. If you must you can black out any windows.
Set up the chairs in the middle of the room with about 2 feet of space between them.
Put the mirror in front of the chairs facing them.
Set the table behind the chairs. Make sure you can see the table when both of you are sitting down.
Put the toy on the table in the space between the chairs.
Turn on your flashlights, these are just so that you can see.
Turn off any lights in the room and sit down in the chairs with the other person.
Say “We want to play Charlotte’s Web” in unison.
Sit back and relax because Charlotte won’t come if she senses you’re afraid.
Watch Charlotte come and take the toy (in the mirror) and if she is happy with the toy you can talk to her and ask questions.
When you’re finished talking to her say “Goodbye Charlotte” in unison. Best case scenario she keeps the toy and wonders out of view of the mirror. If this happens the game is over and it’s safe to turn on the lights and carry on with your life.


Charlotte is a gentle…thing if she is pleased with the toy you brought for her. She is a little kid and just like humans she will throw a tantrum if she doesn’t like it. This is very bad and if this happens then end the game right then and there by saying the words above. DO NOT continue if she is throwing a tantrum because if you do you are endangering your lives.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TURN AROUND. You can only stare in the mirror for the entire game. No looking to the side of the mirror, behind you, or even at the person who is playing with you. If you look anywhere except the mirror you’re endangering your life but not the person’s who is playing with you.
No candles, she doesn’t like fire and lighting a candle around her is like jumping into a shark tank with loads of meat strapped to your body.

Back story:
Charlotte Webster was a 7 year old girl who lived in the 1400’s. Her mother was accused of being a witch and was burned at the stake. The young girl watched her mother die in agony and escaped into the woods. She couldn’t have known what to do. She was so young and had no means of surviving. The legend says that she died in those woods and was picked apart by the animals that came across her body.

She may be a little girl but remember that she is a ghost and ghosts are capable of remarkable things. In my own experience and ones that I have heard of she was as you would expect a human 7 year old, nice and childish. Don’t let your guard down but don’t be afraid because that will only scare her and bad things happen when ghosts themselves feel fear.


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