”Charlie Charlie” Causes Supposed Possession In Peru!

A trio of teenage girls in Peru purportedly became possessed by an evil spirit that they conjured while playing the Ouija-like game known as ‘Charlie Charlie.’

A news segment on the bizarre incident features unsettling footage of the girls wildly writhing as church officials attempt to banish the demonic forces that had seemingly taken hold of them.

The impromptu exorcism allegedly lasted an astounding five hours before the girls were transferred to a nearby medical facility.

Witnesses claim that the girls’ unnerving behavior was caused by the spirit-channeling ‘game’ known as Charlie Charlie, which they had been playing prior to the possession.

Akin to a homemade Ouija Board, Charlie Charlie sees participants balance a sheet of paper between two pencils in an attempt to make contact with the ‘other side.’

Thought to be merely a viral marketing campaign for a horror film, Charlie Charlie has taken on a life of its own over the last year as an increasing number of youngsters have tried using the tactic to talk to the dead.

In fact, the ‘game’ was cited as the cause of a similar ‘mass possession’ in Colombia earlier this summer when two dozen schoolgirls became afflicted following a Charlie Charlie session.

Unfortunately, given the nature of teenagers, tales of Charlie Charlie causing terrifying demonic possessions for those who attempt it will likely only increase it’s popularity amongst ‘daring’ kids.

Source: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/watch-charlie-charlie-causes-possession-in-peru

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