Celebrity Ghosts & Their Spirits That Remain!

It’s always sad when a celebrity passes away, but sometimes these strong-willed, vibrant personalities live on long after they have shuffled off this mortal coil. Here are 10 famous folks reportedly still hanging around even though they were “no longer with us.

Elvis Presley

The King of rock n’ roll is one busy spirit! Presley is known to haunt Graceland as well as appearing to stagehands in his famous white sequined getup at the Vegas Hilton, where he used to hold frequent performances back in the 1970s. Elvis has also made a ghostly appearance at the old RCA recording studios from the 1950s, which is the site where he recorded his first hit ‘Heartbreak Hotel.’ Even though it’s not a recording studio anymore, the building is still used as a TV studio for music-related productions. Many workers have reported strange occurrences anytime someone brings up Elvis, such as unexplained noises on the sound system and the lights going out.

Marilyn Monroe

The blonde starlet is known to haunt the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and likes to scare the bejeezus out of poor unsuspecting guests by appearing to them in a full-length mirror. This ghost also gets around too: she’s been spotted hanging out by her tomb in the Westside Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. The belief that ghosts like to appear in the place where they passed away seems to be true in her case: Marilyn has also made her ghostly presence known in the very house where she fatally overdosed on sleeping pills in what the coroner would go on to call a “probable suicide.”

Lucille Ball

Owners of the house where the ‘I Love Lucy’ stuff passed away at the age of 77 complain that there have been spooky happenings: broken windows, furniture rearranging itself and items that disappear and reappear to be mysteriously found later on in the day. Also, they say that it sounds like there’s a party going on in the attic: loud voices are often heard emanating as if they were talking over loud music.

George Reeves

The ‘Superman’ star still reportedly haunts the home where he allegedly committed suicide/was possibly murdered depending on who you believe. They say that they have heard strange noises coming from the room that used to be George’s bedroom, and one time when a film crew was shooting in the house for a documentary, he appeared to them in full Superman attire. Up, up and…get me out of here!

Lon Chaney, Sr.

The ‘Phantom of the Opera’ star passed away in 1930, but much like his character, the senior Chaney is still hanging around to this day! His spirit has been seen at Sound Stage 28, which is where they filmed ‘The Phantom of the Opera.’ It’s rumored that his ghost likes to make appearances wearing a cape on the stage, and it’s also been blamed for the lights going on and off by themselves, as well as doors that open and close for no reason whatsoever. No word on whether he breaks into the chorus of ‘Music of the Night.’

Montgomery Clift

This popular star from the ’40s and ’50s is best known for his role in the film ‘A Place in the Sun.’ Like Marilyn Monroe, he also haunts the Roosevelt Hotel in California due to the fact that he stayed there for three months, memorizing his lines for one of his movies. His spirit lurks in Room 928 and even though the room is empty, unexplained noises can still be heard from this suite. The phone is also found off the hook, and the room is always cold. Some visitors have reported that they’ve felt his presence too; one guest even said that he put a ghostly hand on her shoulder! GAAAH!

Thelma Todd

The popular 1930s actress who starred alongside the Marx Brothers and Buster Keaton eventually opened up her owned restaurant, Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Cafe, which her ghost is often sighted at today. The starlet passed away in 1935 due to carbon monoxide poisoning, but her ghost is still seen in the building that used to be her beloved restaurant, casually descending the stairs.

Clifton Webb

This popular 1940s actor, best known for his portrayal of Mr. Belvedere, once claimed that the ghost of his mother haunted his house and that when he passed on, he too would come back to haunt his beloved home. True to his word, Webb has apparently done just that! He’s made spooky appearances at parties, has been seen in the library of the house and likes to play pranks on non-smokers visiting his former home by covering them in cigarette ash. He gets cranky, however, whenever women sit in what used to be his old armchair — it will make noises and bounce if a female decides to claim it for her own.

Rudolph Valentino

Considered to be one of the most romantic idols of Hollywood, this silent film movie star tragically passed away at the age of 31 due to complications from an ulcer. His ghost still haunts his home, and has been sighted in the bedroom, the hallways, looking out from a second floor window and in the stable. He has also made appearances at his beach house in Santa Monica, where he likes to lounge around on the bed and play practical jokes, like knocking on the door. Valentino has also been spotted at Studio Five at Paramount Studios as well as lurking around his grave at Hollywood Forever Memorial Park.

Ozzie Nelson

Best known for his singing skills as well as starring in the television show ‘The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,’ Ozzie’s ghost has stayed in his former home, long after his death. Owners claim that the faucets are turned on and off as if by unseen hands, doors open and close on their own and the lights will go on and off for absolutely no reason. One owner even claims that Ozzie’s spirit decided to play a practical joke and flirt with her: one night, she felt the bed covers be moved gently away and felt light kisses on her neck. DOUBLE GAAAAH!

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