Broad Haven UFO House Up For Sale!


A house, which is said to have been visited by aliens, is up for sale.

The former Haven Fort Hotel is said to be in the middle of a ‘UFO triangle’ and was the site of an alleged spaceship landing in 1977.

Current owner Francine Granville, 67, told how her mother told her how she’d seen two aliens at their coastal home.

The sighting – seen by several people at the time – was taken so seriously it was investigated by the Ministry of Defence.

Fourteen schoolchildren and their headmaster claimed how they saw a craft land in countryside from their classroom in Broad Haven Primary School.

And other people living nearby reported seeing pulsating orange lights and the area was called the Broad Haven Triangle.
It was early morning and mum was woken by a buzzing noise and she thought she’d left the gas boiler on. Once downstairs she realised the noise was from outside.

She looked out and saw about 100 feet away an oval object she could only describe as a ‘space craft’ with lights, slowly land and two figures emerge in silver suits.

She was terrified because the figures, although reminiscent of men, had exceptionally long arms and legs. Their heads were covered by helmets. She called them creatures.

Francine said her mum then called to her father, but by the time he arrived the spaceship, and the aliens had gone.

But Francine told how her hotel manager mum was not someone who subscribed to conspiracy theories.

She said: “My mum Rosa was a no-nonsense sort of woman, this was very much out of character. She was not the type of person who would believe in aliens.”

Francine claims there is proof of the alien visitation.

She said: “Outside the spacecraft left a small crater in the ground which had a ridge around the outside that is still there today, although now hidden beneath undergrowth.

“And later when we came to have one of the outbuilding roofs fixed near the landing site, the roofer said the slate tiles were scorched like they had been burned but we weren’t aware of any fire.

“At the farm across St Bride’s Bay the farmer’s wife said she heard scratching at the window and saw the two creatures looking in! Lots of people in the county saw the craft.”


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