The Blue Albino Woman Of Topeka, Kansas!

The Blue Albino Woman is a ghoulish cannibalistic lady that is located in Topeka, Kansas. She can be mostly see at the Rochester Cemetery at night. She is known to devour human flesh.

Sometimes, she can be seen roaming around the streets of Topeka. From afar, she just looks like a harmless and frail elderly lady but the closer she gets to you, the more you notice how deformed, mutated, decomposed, and monstrous she looks. Many people who’ve encountered this hag like creature have noticed that they can sense that her intentions is brutal revenge. She hardly utters a word but that only makes her seem even more inhuman. She has a strange blueish pale pigment, rotting atrocious skin, red glowing eyes, sharp carnivorous teeth and long white hair. Many people who dare visit the Rochester Cemetery at night time usually encounter her. She often runs them off. Some people who don’t make it, say that the Woman will devour them alive like a zombie. She’s even been seen arising from the graveyard ground. She’s even seen once in a while out in public like stores but it’s on very rare occasions.

Supposedly, the Blue Albino Woman was once a somewhat normal and living person. It’s just that she was albino, she had a strange and unique physical appearance. She’d easily stand out in the crowd. She was often teased and tormented about her looks. A group of men thought for sure she was a witch, so they dug out a place for her, shoved her in there and buried her alive. Many people believe her horrible death is the main reason why the Woman is so angry and violent with people. She can never find rest or piece, she is on a revengeful limbo.


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