Is This The Best Ghost Pic Ever?

Is this the best ghost pic ever?

Louise Murphy, 30, was shocked to find the haunting image of a little girl with long brown hair and wearing a floral dress waving at her on photos of a family day out.

In the eerie photos, the girl’s entire face is blanked out apart from what appears to be a hollow shape of a black eye looking directly at the camera,

The mum-of-two had taken her son Owen, nine, to Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland, when she took some snaps on the Victorian-themed street.

But Louise, from Carlisle, Cumbria, was spooked by the pictures.

The freaked-out caterer said: “It’s one of the clearest pictures I have seen of the paranormal. It definitely looks like a young girl to me. Some people have said it is a little boy but it appears like it is wearing a dress with flowers on it. It has long brown curly hair too.

“In the pictures I took in the same spot before this one, you can see a mist forming at the bottom of the picture and then she appears. It was like she was forming in the mist, which makes me think it was maybe paranormal.

“I tried to think logically about it a first but couldn’t come up with a way to rationalise it.

“It’s definitely not been tampered with. People have said that it could have been Photoshopped but there will always be people who think that.

“I would happily send the picture off for experts to check it to prove it has not been. I don’t even know how to use Photoshop.”

A spokesman for Glasgow Life and the museum said: “We’re as intrigued as the lady who captured the image to discover more about any ghostly goings-on at Riverside.

“The picture was taken in the Mitre Bar, a well-known Glasgow premises that is more usually associated with a different type of spirit.

“It is located on one of Riverside’s three recreated streets, spanning 1895 to 1980, where visitors love to meander along the cobbles.”



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