Aokigahara, The Most Haunted Forest In Japan!

Back in the feudal era in Japan, committed suicide was seen as an act of honour. Samurai warriors would rather commit suicide, or known as seppuku (ritual disemboweling) than fall into the hands of their enemy – a way to uphold their honor and dignity. Even during the World War II, soldiers who joined the Kamikaze, the Special Attack Group to scarify for their country was seen as respectful and honoured.

However, as the world continues to change, things are quite different now. Nowadays, many had chosen to end their life not for honourable reasons, but mainly because they could not fit into the society.

Known as the most famous forests in Japan, Aokigahara is located at the northwest base of the country’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji. Due to its high density of trees, Aokigahara is also known as Jukai – which simply means the “sea of trees’. The trees coverage is so thick that, even in the noon you will hardly find a bright spot in the forest.

Aokigahara is also known as the Japan’s Demon Forest, the Suicide Forest and the “perfect place to die”. This unique forest, which is very quiet with hardly any wildlife living in has turned into a favourite spot among the Japanese to end their life. And because of the quietness (where you could hardly hear birds singing), many Japanese believed that the forest is haunted and dare not go near.

In Japanese mythology, Aokigahara is known to be haunted by demons, a reason why some Japanese are still feared to enter the forest. It is believed that those who enter the forest would never return.

Another reason why people believed that the forest is haunted is due to yurei, the souls filled with hatred, sadness and desire to revenge. According to legend, people will bring their family members who were infected by famine to the forest and leave them to die there. By doing so, the family was able to save their food for other family members. Those left in the forest will die slowly due to starvation, turning them into the yurei.

The belief in yurei continues until today. When a body was in Aokigahara, forest guardians will place them in a room next to the forest before being sent to authorities. Legend has it that if the body is left alone in the room, its yurei will move around screaming in the room. Hence, forest guards will play janken (rock-paper-scissor game) to determine who the unlucky companion to the body is.


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