Animals & The Paranormal: The Haunted!

Animals are commonly thought to be more sensitive to the spirit world than humans are. Both in this world and beyond, animals have often been the focus of spirit encounters. This chilling series delves into the frightening true stories of animal hauntings. “The Haunted” is a chilling and frightening show featuring true horror stories about animals and the paranormal. Each program features one or two stories recounted in past tense by the people who actually experienced them. Cinematic recreations serve to heighten the drama caused by animal contact with the unexplainable and to bring the witnesses’ testimonies to life.

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Some viewer reviews:
We don’t get much in the way of paranormal shows in NZ, actually we have none, so I’m always hunting them down to buy online, I’d never heard of this one, but hey it’s paranormal & I’m an animal lover, so it’s win win if it’s a good show, and it actually is ! Don’t get me wrong it’s nit going to win any Emmys, but it does deliver good interesting spooky stories relating to households that have animals, it’s a mix of real footage of those involved docu style, and reenactments along with real footage when there is some. It’s a good show, I’ll be looking for the following seasons to buy, good value for money too. 5 stars ****+

This is a terrific show. I used to love to watch “A Haunting” on Discovery Channel, so when the show got canceled I was pretty bummed out. Since then there have been numerous paranormal shows on TV, but this is my current favorite one. It is shown on Animal Planet, and although the show is supposed to focus on animals affected by the paranormal, that really is only one small part of the show. The re-enactments are great and I think the producers do a terrific job with capturing the right atmosphere with each episode. So if you are a fan of the paranormal and enjoy these types of programs, definitely go ahead and pick this DVD up…it is definitely well worth it!!

Absolutely superb stories, delivered most dramatically through the viewpoint (initially) of beloved pets.
Its great to see the interaction of not only when ghosts affect people, but when they affect animals. They are seen as guardians and it would be terrifying if we could see what they see (and feel!).
Each story is intricately interlaced with actual paranorml footage (video and EVP) investigations, worthy re-enactments and actual interviews of the families involved. If you liked the ‘A Haunting series 1-4’ then you’ll love these fantastic true stories. A nice twist and different angle to standard ghost documentaries.
The only sad part is some of the animals are severely affected which is not nice to see, but its no different I guess to ‘anything’ a demonic entity chooses to attack.
A ‘must add’ to your collection!

Add this great series to your Paranormal DVD Collection today!

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