10 UFO Sightings That Defy Logic!

For the UFO buff and seeker, there are always plenty of sightings that circulate around the internet and seem to defy logic. Many of these can easily be proven fake, either by the use of CGI (which is making everything increasingly more sophisticated) or by mistaking them for common objects such as Chinese lanterns. While many are elaborate hoaxes, others have yet to be proven that they are anything less than something out of this world. Here are 10 UFO sightings that are just so extraordinary, they may sway you yet.

10. The Piney Woods Sighting
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In the year 1980, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum were driving along with Landrum’s grandson, Colby, through Piney Woods in Texas when an experience left them scarred, physically and mentally.

They found themselves faced with an object in the middle of the highway that was shaped like a diamond and blocked their path. Flames shot from its underside, which made it rise and then make its way back down. Cash and Lundrum existed their vehicle to examine it while the seven-year-old grandson simply wanted to leave. When the women returned to their car, their vehicle’s dashboard was soft enough to leave a hand-print and they had to use their coats to open the door handles to avoid being burned.

After they left, a couple dozen military helicopters circled the area. Landrum, Cash and the grandson all suffered radiation poisoning and other symptoms for a while later. The family tried to sue the U.S. government for $20 million but lost when the government denied there being any helicopters or UFO-like objects in the area.
9. Moon’s Chinese Jade Rover Incident
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Earlier this year, the Chinese Jade Rover that had landed on the moon lost contact with its Chinese base of operations. On Twitter, the rover tweeted “I am not that sad. Like all the heroes in other stories, I have just encountered some problems in my adventure.” According to the Xinhua news agency, the rover experienced a “mechanical control abnormality [due to] the compliated lunar surface environment.”
UFO spotted on moon.
The oddly coincidental part about this malfunction was that only days earlier, on January 18 a mysterious triangular object was sighted on the moon. Ufologists have described it as being “one enormous object of unknown origin.”

To make matters even weirder, NASA had suddenly announced on January 10, giving only three days notice that three rockets would be sent to the moon on a top-secret mission for the Department of Defense. In an audio interview with Dr. Eric Norton (a fake name), apparently he worked as a NASA consultant as well as for the NSA for 12 years and has some very interesting observations. In fact, he says that the information possessed by these organizations, if released to the public, would cause a breakdown of society.

8. Washington UFO Sighting: 1952
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In the year 1952, one of the most important UFO sightings of all time occurred. Two separate waves of UFOs appeared over the the U.S. capitol, the first on July 19/20 and the second on July 26/27. In both cases, the sightings were confirmed by radar on the ground and from airplanes. Visual reports from pilots also validated what was being seen.

At that time, the U.S. government had already believed UFO sightings to be real and dubbed them as “interplanetary devices.” The UFOs that were sighted flew at 100 mph but were also able to reach speeds of up to 7,200 mph during acceleration, far beyond anything humanity was capable of at the time. For hours, U.S. planes chased the targets but without any success. During the second wave, F-94s were sent to confront the invaders but again, the efforts were in vain.

Eventually, the Air Force dismissed the sightings as a “temperature inversion” at a July 29 press conference. Even Project Blue Book said that this explanation was laughable and labeled the sighting as “unexplained.” Many photographs of the anomaly exist today and the case is one of the most important to occur in UFO history.
7. The Melbourne Mystery
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Back in 1966, on April 6 a mysterious disc-shaped object was witnessed by over 200 people in broad daylight buzzing around the sky and landing on a paddock close to a high school. After being spotted by many students who quickly gathered outside, the silver-green craft, which was roughly twice the size of your average car remained there for about 20 minutes. Eventually it rose up from its hiding spot near the trees and it was chased by a private aircraft. It tilted at a 45 degree angle and took off at a speed that could not be matched before it vanished for good.

Unfortunately, despite the mass amount of people who witnessed the mystery, no photo or video evidence exists and nobody has ever admitted to flying the plane that attempted to chase the craft. The nearest airport also reports that no planes were in the area. We will just have to take their word on this one. All 200 plus of them.
6. Zimbabwe’s UFO Case
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Back in September of 1994, UFO reports were coming in about a mysterious object in the sky over Zimbabwe. At the Ariel Elementary in Ruwa, 62 children between the ages of five to 12 spotted a glowing ball of light during the morning. For a little while, it appeared and disappeared on its own before it eventually landed a short distance away, in a bushy off-limits area.

At this point, all the staff members of the school were reportedly inside the building, attending a meeting and the children had been left unsupervised. Next, a small man, about three feet tall with long black hair, large eyes and a slim neck emerged from the craft and approached the children. As he walked towards them, he vanished in mid-step before he reappeared on top of his craft and blankly stared at them before he re-entered his ship and flew off at a high speed.

Because of African folklore stories, which talk about creatures that kidnap and devour children, many of the witnesses were terrified. Later, Africa’s leading UFO investigator, Cynthia Hind, was contacted and interviewed the children. About 35 sketches of the event were drawn and the consensus was reached among all of the adults involved were that the children were telling the truth about what they saw. One of these sketches is the image a couple of paragraphs above.

Perhaps, if this particular top 10 UFO sightings is not terrifying and does not defy logic enough, the children said that the man had telepathically transmitted a message into their heads. The message was that Earth’s natural beauty and resources were being ravaged and polluted beyond any repair.
5. The Phoenix Lights

One of the most popular occurrences in the more recent history of UFO sightings is the bizarre Phoenix Lights case. On March 13, 1997, over Nevada, Arizona and potentially New Mexico, thousands of witnesses on the ground spotted a series of lights in the sky. This case has a lot of controversy because a different cluster of lights were also seen and caught on video somewhere south of Phoenix on the same night.

Although skeptics claim to have answers as to the mystery of the Phoenix Lights, by and large the case remains unexplained today and a documentary about the event can be viewed online. The U.S. government claims that the lights were the result of flares being dropped during a training exercise but eye-witnesses say that the lights were different than anything they had seen and no photos or videos exist of the mystery aircraft that supposedly dropped the flares.

4. Socorro UFO Encounter
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Every UFO sighting is by your regular Joe-schmoes, right? Not this one. In fact, in this case it was an on-duty police officer by the name of Lonnie Zamora from Socorro, New Mexico who witnessed a low-flying object in the sky that he described as something that could only be an alien spacecraft. In fact, the sighting was so prolific that Zamora became distracted from his high-speed chase in astonishment of what he saw.

Zamora saw a large cone of blue light that was rising thousands of feet into the air. He abandoned his chase and instead went after the craft, which he found hovering over a vehicle in a gully. Two humanoid creatures of unknown origin evidently “jumped” at the sight of Zamora and disappeared. When Zamora got out of his vehicle and went in closer to investigate, an oval-metallic object on girder-like legs shot a flame out of its underside before it rose into the air and quickly escaped.

When Zamora went to make his report, another officer had also witnessed evidence of the occurrence and so had several other people in the area. Ultimately, it was decided by Hector Quintanilla Jr., the former Project Blue Book head that the case was an unsolved mystery.

“There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora‚Äôs reliability. He is a serious police officer and a man well-versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we.”
3. Rendlesham Forest Incident

Also commonly referred to as “Britain’s Roswell,” this is one of the most well documented UFO cases of all time. Not only that, but it involves highly credible witnesses such as trained U.S. Air Force observers and security police.

The incident took place over three days back in 1980 over Rendlesham Forest, near Suffolk, England. A group of American servicemen went to investigate strange lights in the nearby forest. The men claim to have witnessed an alien spacecraft and one of them also said that they touched it. Files that were only released last year describe alien encounters in the forest as well. The entities are described as being one and a half meters tall with nylon coated pressure suits and no helmets. They were hovering above the ground and speaking in electronically synthesised English.

The event has gone on to produce both a book and a full length documentary.

2. The Disclosure Project
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This is not an actual UFO sighting per-say but is still interesting enough to take note of. The Disclosure Project took place on May 9 of 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Chaired by Dr. Steven Greer, a well known ufologist, the event housed many U.S. high-ranking officials from the military and legal sector who gave their testimony as to having various experiences with UFOs.

Speakers included John Callahan, FAA Head of Accidents and Invesigations; Lt. Col. Charles Brown, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran; Donna Hare, a NASA employee and many more. Although only 19 witnesses spoke, Greer said that there were 400 other credible sources that could have come forward to deliver their testimony on the subject. Everyone present not only gave their testimony, but swore that they would also be willing to testify under oath to congress.

1. Fire in the Sky
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Perhaps one of the most well documented, strangest and most terrifying UFO sightings of all time comes from the case of Travis Walton. One day, Travis, his brother and their five work buddies had been driving down a remote forest road when they spotted a disk shaped UFO, floating above them. Travis’ brother Mike stopped the truck and the group stared at it, awestruck. Travis who was the most intrigued got out and walked towards it where he was reportedly abducted by a beam of light. Upon later searching, the group of friends could not find Travis.

When they returned to town, the group reported the event to the police where they each eventually came under suspicion for the murder of Travis Walton, something which they all denied. All of them were forced to take a lie detector test and all but one of them had their results turn out as being truthful (the last member’s results were inconclusive). Five days after the abduction, a phone call came in for Travis’ brother-in-law Grant Neff, from Travis who said he was at a pay-phone outside of a gas station and needed to be picked up.

Travis was deeply shaken by the experience and eventually reported his full recount (under hypnosis) of being abducted by the alien spacecraft and being held hostage as he was subject to medical examinations. The others involved in the incident were not pressed with charges and 18 years later, a movie called Fire in the Sky was released, which covered the event (although it was largely exaggerated to make it seem more interesting). A couple of years ago, the story was re-examined in depth on an episode of Paranormal Witness.

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