10 Prophecies You Don’t May Not Be Aware Of!

Prophecy has remained a constant practice in every culture, be it ancient or recent. From our very childhood, we heard stories about the prophecies made at the Apollo temple at Delphi in ancient Greece, we heard about Nostradamus whose predictions came true. But here we are going to present a list of ten other prophesiers who foretold the future but remained unknown to the world.

1. Alois Irlmaier:
Irlmaire was a clairvoyant who successfully predicted about the locations of bomb strikes of World War II. As per his predictions about the World War III, it will destroy some of the Middle East countries, which makes us think about the recent time.

2. Hildegard von Bingen:
Apart from being a gifted musician, she was also a mystic visionary and polymath. She was called Sybil of the Rhine, as she was able to have visions of the future. In one of her predictions, she described the destruction of “a great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent” by storms, earthquakes and tidal waves. According to some people, she was referring to the destruction of United States.

St. Hildegard
3. Baba Vanga:
Baba Vanga (1911-1996) was a blind Bulgarian prophesier who made many predictions of the future like a change will happen in Earth’s orbit in 2023. Another prediction states that the human race will achieve immortality and will subsequently start to assimilate with the aliens by 4599.

Baba Vanga
4. The true third secret:
Sister Lucia is believed to predict about an apostasy between the church and a council (the Vatican) forty years before the emergence of Vatican. To dilute the controversy around it, Vatican allegedly released a fake version of the Third Prophecy.

5. Ursula Southeil:
She was a well-known prophetess during the 1500’s. She successfully predicted about the modern technological evolution as the iron made ships, cars and even the internet. She even predicted that the women would dress like men. All of these prophecies have come true in this era.

6. Mitar Tarabich:
This Prophesier from Serbia lived during 1800’s. He foretold about some events associated with the turbulent times of Serbia during the 1930’s and World War II. He also predicted the future, which is mostly related to technologies like the computer and space voyages.

7. Robert Nixon:
He was a young boy from Cheshire, England who lived during the late 15th century. Many believe that he predicted Napoleon’s exile to the island St. Helena in 1815. He also predicted about the moon voyages, the light bulb, rocket travels, and the voice recording devices and even about the popularity of cigarettes.

8. The prophecy of the popes:
It is a list of 112 Latin phrases; each phrase is believed to describe every Catholic pope. This list starts with Pope Celestine II and concludes with ‘Peter the Roman.’ As per a prediction, after ‘Peter, the Roman,’ the city of Rome will be destroyed.

9. Joseph Smith:
His prophecy is widely known as the White Horse Prophecy which was made in 1843. Joseph Smith who founded the Mormon religion predicted that the USA would suffer by some terrible revolutions and bloodsheds and would be left without a government, and the Mormon religion would save the country.

10. St. Nilus:
St. Nilus was a 15th-century monk and the disciple of St. John Chrysostom. He made a prophecy related to the 20th century, which states that the world would suffer as attributes like lawless, dishonor will cloud the peoples’ mind, morals of the church will change; people will fly like birds (the airplane)and swim through the Sea like a fish (the submarine).

Though our scientific mind rejects the believability of the prophecies when we go through these foretold predictions, we can’t find any answers.

Source: http://www.look4ward.co.uk/weird/unexplained-10-prophecies-don-t-know/

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