10 Japanese Rituals That Might Scare You To Death!

Rituals meant to invoke spirits or the supernatural are participated in by practically anyone who has ever had a childhood. The most well-known, such as “Bloody Mary”, have a strong element of danger, allowing kids to test the limits of their courage without the threat of actual injury.

But what if the rituals actually worked? In Japanese culture, there are many such rituals that are thought to hold actual supernatural power- enough so that those describing them online and by word of mouth often caution strongly against trying them, or even knowing the details. But… you’re not superstitious, right? Surely knowing how these rituals are performed can bring you no harm, and if curiosity compels you to try one, we’re sure you’ll be completely safe. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have tried any of these ourselves, or ever would. In a million years.

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