Woman Possessed By Ghost On Thai Talk Show?

A bizarre scene unfolded on a talk show in Thailand when a guest who claimed that she had been possessed by a ghost suddenly conjured the spirit on the air!

Thippawan Chaphupuang, a model in Thailand, told the host of the program that a ghost attached itself to her during a vacation to the Thai city of Rayong last year.

This particular type of ghost, known as a ‘pop’ in Thai culture, is said to be afflicted with an insatiable hunger.

After she shared her story, Chaphupuang appeared to become possessed by the spirit which began speaking through her to the show’s host.

The contentious exchange featured the ghost refusing to exit the woman’s body despite the man insisting that it must.

He then exacerbated the situation by producing a necklace with Buddha on it and holding in front of the ‘possessed’ woman who recoiled and unleashed a bloodcurdling series of shrieks.

Finally, the sinister spirit seemed to depart after the necklace was put on the woman and she apparently regained control of her body.

Video of the talk show segment has gone viral in Thailand, amassing nearly 2.5 million viewers in just the last day.

However, most of the observers are skeptical of the scene, suggesting that the woman was merely acting rather than actually in the clutches of an evil entity.

Source: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/woman-possessed-by-ghost-on-thai-talk-show

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