Who Is Australian ‘Abductee’ Kelly Cahill?

FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully returned to television screens recently with the long awaited first episode of the new X-Files series – predictably questioning again whether or not we are alone but also, less predictably, shining light onto a long forgotten local (Australian) UFO incident, where a Melbourne mum was, she claims, abducted by aliens.

In August 1993, Kelly Cahill was driving home from a friend’s house in the foothills of the Dandenongs, when she saw what looked like a blimp with circular orange headlights hovering over the road ahead.

What happened next, she would later recall, involved skinny aliens abducting her and leaving a small triangle mark burned into the skin around her navel.

In the first instalment of the new X-Files series, long-suffering believer in extraterrestrial life Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) emerges from isolation after being lured by a new character to the series, Tad O’Malley.
O’Malley is introduced as a presenter for a conservative TV network and a man “rattling some pretty big cages in the intelligence community”.

To test his extraterrestrial knowledge, Mulder asks him about “the Kelly Cahill case”:
Without hesitation, O’Malley responds: “Kelly Cahill and her husband were driving home in Victoria, Australia, when a craft appeared overhead,” he begins.
“The Cahill’s lost an hour of time and Kelly was hospitalised with severe stomach pain after discovering a triangle-shaped mark near her navel.”

The character proves he is no Johnny-come-lately with his quick summation but the mere mention of the case left many Australian viewers – who know a little about Roswell and even some other better-known Victorian UFO sightings – wanting to know more about the alleged Cahill abduction mystery.

So what really happened that night?

The incident begins in Narre Warren North with an alleged UFO sighting by a woman who has since used the pseudonym Kelly Cahill to protect her privacy.

During the early hours of August 8, 1993, Cahill and her husband, Andrew, were driving home from a friend’s house in the foothills of the Dandenongs when she saw what looked like an airship with a ring of orange headlights hovering over the road ahead.

As they approached the “blimp”, Ms Cahill was blinded by light before later waking up in the car, feeling strangely relaxed.

“What I saw to me was definitely a UFO, there was no doubt about it whatsoever,” she told Today Tonight at the time.

Ms Cahill said that when the couple returned home, they realised an hour had been lost. Then she discovered she had a triangular mark near her navel. According to some reports, she also unexpectedly began menstruating and was treated in hospital for a womb infection.

Some weeks later the mother of three, who was 27 at the time, recalled more details about that night – including getting out of the car and being abducted.

After getting out of the car to see the strange light in a field she said she saw two other cars also stop to investigate what she believes was a UFO.

“There was orange lights and this blue stuff underneath,” she said in one interview. “It was like science fiction coming to life.”

Then Ms Cahill remembers seeing a number of tall, skinny black figures with bulging red eyes appear in front of the UFO and approach them.

She started screaming. “I felt this blow to my stomach and went flying in the air and I heard my husband say let go of me and this male voice that said, ‘I mean you no harm’,” she told Today Tonight.

She said she was terrified and thought she was going to die.

Ms Cahill later wrote a book about the experience, Encounter: The True Story, and became a keynote speaker at UFO conferences.

When she appeared on Today Tonight ahead of the now out-of-print book’s release, she said at first she thought she was mentally ill for believing what she had seen.

She said she got a brain scan after the incident. “I know I look ridiculous I’m not an unintelligent woman,” she said.
“I know that my story sounds ridiculous, but that’s what happened. And there there is physical evidence out there, there were marks out on the field, there were marks on our body, something went on.”

What UFO researchers find compelling about this case is the presence of independent witnesses, who have yet to be interviewed by mainstream media.

According to interviews with Ms Cahill, strangers in two other cars that pulled up beside the Belgrave-Hallam Rd to see the UFO carried similar wounds.

It is believed three people in another car say they saw the same UFO, creating images of the aircraft they saw which looked similar to Ms Cahill’s sketches.

These witnesses were contacted by UFO researchers and, according to reports, two women later recalled (under hypnosis) being taken aboard some kind of object and reported similar markings on their bodies near their navel.

After the experience, Ms Cahill says she had a number of lifelike dreams connected with that evening. In one dream, she said she was in a small room with an alien in front of her.

Since the 1990s, Ms Cahill’s story has faded from public knowledge and few – with the exception of Agent Mulder and Mr O’Malley – would remember the sighting now at all.

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/the-oz-files-who-is-victorian-abductee-kelly-cahill-and-what-did-she-see-in-narre-warren-20160201-gmic19.html

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