The Warminster Thing – UFO Documentary 1990!

Fuzzy VHS Vintage video, (very rare to be found in it’s entirety like this), and well worth studying if for nothing else, as a social document of those times; ah, the nostalgia of it all – the good ol’ days, (or were they? lol).

This is a documentary about the phenomenon that was the Warminster ‘Thing’, an iffy UFO photograph which hit the national headlines in 1965

In it’s defense, even though the ‘Thing’ was later rumored to have been made out of bottle tops, at least this likely prank caused many residents around those parts to start looking up at the skies more frequently, instead of down at their feet; whereas nowadays with people, it’s a preoccupation with text messaging and yakking on their cell phones – doh!

And the result of all of this additional sky watching? more UFO sightings of course.

Yes, some mis-identifications, yes, some wishful thinking, – about visitors from outer space that were than likely to have been mistaken military aircraft, but among the mundane, there were some very intriguing reports, causing this Wiltshire town to became the unlikely epicenter of a UFO phenomenon right up to 1977.

Even today, Warminster is still no stranger to the occasional UFO sighting.

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