Voodoo Dolls – Do They Work?

The question of whether voodoo dolls are real comes up online more than you think. I live in Mississippi and actually last week I went down to New Orleans and visited a few voodoo shops and I can tell you unequivocably voodoo is very real.  Voodoo spells and Voodoo rituals are very real and in some cases very effective.  Voodoo is real and probably more active than you would like to think.

The dolls work on the principle of sympathetic magic. The best dolls incorporate something from the person they are aimed at; skin hair and nails clothes or  some personal items that their energy was imprinted with.  Voodoo books don’t really explain the how or they why of it but there are some sophisticated chemistry and physics involved in your average voodoo magic spells.

Modern physics talks about non-locality, mystics have known about this for ages.  It is one of the things Voodoo queens make their stock and trade.  Voodoo black magic and voodoo doll spells can work even if the person targeted by the spell is a great distance away.
Reiki Masters actually turned the voodoo doll concept on its head and use what they call a healing teddy bear. Most Reiki masters and practitioners have a stuffed animal or bear that they use to lay hands on when the patient is far away. The concept of non-locality is introduced at the Reiki practitioner level II.
The bear almost turns into an animal ally or spirit guide. I swear that the bear I  had been working with for years has soaked up all that good positive healing intention and is extra yummy.

The question of is voodoo real  is very settled for me never the less it’s not my choice of path working. Spells voodoo came to the US largely after the Haitian rebellion. There is a lot of anger and a lot of angst and a lot of dark energy swirled within it but the power of focus that those emotions brings make this a very effective magical system.  I love voodoo spells but the calling of the lower emotions is a little too strong for me to be comfortable.

Emotions are quite often the engine of our magical workings. So when you come to the circle purification is one of the things that’s usually called for in most magical systems. That includes emotional purification, because much like the tree that Luke Skywalker entered in the Empire strikes back with magic you only get out of that which you put into it.  A voodoo love spell can easily careen out of bounds to lust and control and that is not something I want to risk in a romantic relationship
Any time I go to New Orleans I always have to hit the Voodoo shops, because I’m naughty like that. I always leave An offering on the altar. And there is always an altar in a Voodoo shop. The altar is usually dedicated to the shop owners loas, or nature spirits. I always thank the Loas for allowing me into their city and ask them to please invite me back. I always show them respect. It’s a different path than I walk, but it’s a very powerful path.

If you are going to use representative magic I suggest using a teddy bear or stuffed animal and sending good healing loving thoughts to the person you are focused on.  Forgiveness will do your heart good and the positive energy absorbed by the bear in the transfer will be available to you, next time you are sick or lonely or depressed.  That is a nice side effect, much better than one you will get from sticking pins in one.  All respect to the loa and the magic voodoo but beware of Karma, she knows where you live.

Source: http://www.nayleon.com/are-voodoo-dolls-real/

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