Vancouver’s Legendary ‘Lady In Red’ Ghost Photographed?

The Lady in Red is one of Vancouver’s most famous ghosts. According to legend, she haunts the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver at 900 West Georgia St., built in 1939, walking the top floors in her elegant red gown, occasionally stopping at the window to stare wistfully out at the city.

Several people claim to have seen the apparition. According to Ghosts of Vancouver, a website that catalogues Metro Vancouver’s spookiest tales, “once, a Japanese family that checked into a room on the 14th floor called the front desk to ask whether their room had been double-booked. They described seeing the Lady in Red in the room, which had caused their confusion.”

Now a local elevator mechanic claims to have taken her picture. Vancouver’s Scott Graham says he was working on a top floor at the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia, just around the corner from the Fairmont, when he decided to take a cellphone photo of the historic hotel, where he also does work.

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