UFO Over Canberra, Australia!

This footage shows a strange disc-shaped object flying through the sky above the Australian capital Canberra.

The suspected UFO was filmed from a plane as it sped past the clouds.

The video was shot a few years ago but has only now been released.

It was posted by the group, Finding UFO, which records unidentified flying objects across Australia.

The footage shows the strange-looking object speeding through the skies from left to right before flying under the plane and out of picture.

The video was filmed by a passenger on the aircraft.

The object, which appears white in color and roughly circular in shape, comes in to view from the far left and passes below the aircraft in a straight line towards the right of the frame at considerable speed.

Little else is known about the footage other than that it was allegedly recorded several years before being posted online. Whether it shows a genuine object however remains a matter of some debate, critics argue that it could simply be a hoax created using video editing software.

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