Top 5 Haunted Locations In Tokyo!

When a city has as much ancient history as Tokyo, Japan does, there are bound to be a few ghosts roaming the streets. From beheaded rebel samurais to wronged citizens, stories abound of grudge-bearing souls. Locals and visitors claim they hear, feel, and see signs of the afterlife in the 5 most haunted places in Tokyo.

Tamiya Shrine
Oiwa was a good woman and wife. Her husband, however, was a philanderer. In love with a younger woman and anxious to get rid of his loving wife, he poisoned her. Oiwa’s death was long and anguished, and as she lost her hair and most of the skin from her face, she discovered the truth. She vowed to enact revenge by haunting her husband the rest of his days. Oiwa’s spirit still lives in Tamiya Shrine, site of her home. Oiwa’s story is Japan’s most famous ghost tale and has been recreated in numerous play and movies. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” feels especially appropriate at this haunted shrine.

Sunshine 60
While moving from one store to the next in sky high shopping complex Sunshine 60, a father drops a handful of items as his daughter screams: a floating fireball circles their heads. Before Sunshine 60, located in the 60-story tall skyscraper Ikebukuro, was a major shopping center, it served as the site where seven Japanese war criminals were executed by hanging. At the time of the building’s construction in 1978, reports of strange accidents to ghostly sightings ran rampant. Still today, fireball and other other worldly sightings are common. It seems a few of the seven feel they were unjustly killed.

Doryodo Ruins
The spirit of a murdered woman roams this site of temple ruins looking for justice, or maybe vengeance. The crime took place in 1963; ten years later a female university student’s body was dumped at the temple. Another ten years after that, in 1983, the temple was deconstructed. Visitors to this area claim to hear crying over the ruins.

Akasaka Mansion
Horror movies have nothing on Akasaka Mansion, where overnight guests report seeing ghosts, drops in temperature, and the repeated feeling of someone stroking their heads while they sleep. The mansion operates as a hotel, and the story on why it’s haunted is unclear and varies depending on who is telling it. A woman described a particularly disturbing encounter: she claims she was dragged from her bed across the room. It’s said that scratch marks down her back corroborated the story.

Himuro Mansion
One of the top 25 haunted places around the world, a brutal family murder and sacrifice took place in Himuro Mansion. Since then, guests report seeing bloody handprints on the walls and a little girl in a kimono wandering the halls. To add to the mystery and intrigue, a vast network of underground tunnels runs under the mansion, and it’s said that no one dares to enter them. Myth has it that a supernaturally sized insect lives in the tunnels that feeds on human blood.


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