The Spirits Of Cielo Drive!

Claims have been made by the property owner that the ghost of Sharon Tate and the others that died along side of her were haunting the location of the murders. Voices of a woman asking to “take her away” and moaning along with footsteps and visions are reported by the occupants of the house at the old ill fated address.

Sharon Tate, the actress and wife of film director Roman Polanski, was brutally murdered in 1969. She was with a group of friends at home when the Mason Family members invaded the house, massacring all of them. Roman Polanski was away on a movie shoot at the time that this happened. Photos of the scene from 1969 in the days following the murders show horror happened in the rooms.of the home. Roman Polanski took much ridiculing for showing these to the public back then.

The home was rented to Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. Since the murders no one could stay in that house very long. The last resident to live in the house before it was demolished was Trent Reznor from the band, “Nine Inch Nails.” He moved out of the house in 1993 stating, “there was too much history in that house for me to handle.”

The home was located at 10050 Cielo Dr. just outside of Hollywood. It has since been torn down and the address has been changed to 10066 Cielo Drive and is now called “Villa Bella”. The location has a home next to the property owned by Hollywood producer, David Oman. He explains that he feels it is haunted and reports that strange things have been happening there.

During the construction of the home the workmen reported strange things such as foot steps from no where and temperature changes in spots. One workman experienced a cool blast of air and left the job for six weeks. Visitors of Oman’s have seen apparitions and heard voices. Some of them have been unaware of the properties significance.

Oman has seen ghosts of a man inside the house standing in his bedroom. He didn’t recognize the man until later seeing a picture and realized it was Jay Sebring, one of he men murdered that night. An overnight quest of Oman’s said she heard footsteps come into the bedroom and felt someone sit on the bed, but no one was there.

The crew from the Ghost Hunters (TAPS) investigated this house by moving in for an overnight stay with all types of technology that was built to search for the paranormal. They set up cameras and electronic equipment that is able to pick up on voices sometimes not audible to the human ear.

The evidence showed that the house is haunted with ghosts. The voice of a woman in distress was picked up on the recorders. She was calling out for help. The TAPS crew appeared to have a conversation with a male ghost who answered yes and no questions by making the lights go on and off on one of their metered devices. The people from taps asked that the ghost drop the temperature in the room and it did significantly. When they asked the spirit to move something, a large bang was heard in the next room.

The most goose bump provoking evidence was observed when they used a metered device with lights to ask direct questions. They asked to flash once for yes and twice for no. Using this strategy they asked if the people were Jay Seabring and Sharon Tate. They got a yes for both.

All the evidence pointed to paranormal activity at this house. The Ghost Hunters were convinced that the home was haunted. It is also reported that the home built right on the spot of the murders is experiencing these same type of paranormal activities.


Watch Ghost Hunters investigate the Manson murders of Cielo Drive, Los Angeles, California:

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