The Sara Sarita Game/Ritual!


Here is a ritual called “Sara Sarita” or “El Juego de Sara Sarita”. It evolves conjuring the spirits of two girls who were murdered. It’s similar to the Charlie! Charlie! game, it’s another popular game from Mexico but is known to be more deadly.

Well, deadly if you don’t play the game properly…

To Play this game all you’ll need is 2 players and two coins of the same value.

Step one: The two of you sit on the ground, facing in each other holding a coin in your hand.

Step two: The both of you must say out loud, “Sara Sarita, Can I play your game?” (it will probably work better if you say it in Spanish since you are dealing with Mexican ghosts).

Step three: Throw the coin over your head and let it land on the ground behind you.

Two heads = “Yes”

Two Tails = “No”

One head, One tail = “Maybe”

If both of you get two heads , then you may play their game. you May ask them various questions, and you’ll get the answer by letting the coin hit the ground behind you.

To end the game is simple but very hard to get out of. You must ask “Sara Sarita can I leave your game?” and throw the coin behind you.
If you both get a “Yes” you can leave the game. If you both get a “No” , you must ask 3 more questions then ask to leave the game, you must keep on doing this until you get a permission from the two spirits to leave the game.

If you get a “yes” and your partner gets a “no” then you could leave the game but your partner must continue playing. If you guys decide to leave the game on your own, according to people, bad things will happen to you.


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