The Loch Ness Monster – New Evidence?

Loch Ness MonsterAugust 4, 2012
By: Dennis Bodzash

A new photograph supposedly of the Loch Ness Monster is making the rounds online, creating quite a discussion as it does. Reportedly taken in 2011 but not publicized until now, the photo claims to show the fabled Loch Ness Monster in unrivaled clarity that was only imaginable in previous decades characterized by grainy black and white images and movies.

So, could it all be real? My bet: probably not, for two reasons.

For starters, photos can be faked, plain and simple. Even without any special photographic knowledge, pictures can be faked by simply photographing something and passing it off as an image of something vastly different. In this case, I would be willing to be that the image in the picture is nothing out of the ordinary, probably just a log covered with something to make it look smooth.

Ever since the invention of photography, people with some above-average knowledge of the photographic process have been faking pictures, with the famed ‘spirit’ photographs of the 19th century being a famous example. Come later, post-processing in the form of actual airbrushing (with brush and pigment) came into the play and now, thanks to computers, a whole host of image processing software programs that allow something to be added into an image that was not originally there in the first place.

The second reason that the circumstances around the photo are dubious: the photographer, George Edwards, is an acknowledged Nessie believer. In fact, the boat from which the picture was taken is actually named ‘Nessie Hunter IV’ and Edwards has actually led monster hunts in addition to his regular Loch Ness cruise business, which this story can bring a lot of publicity for, too. As for the wait, Edwards has an explanation for that, too: he was busy getting the photo authenticated by “experts.” Unfortunately, Edwards does not state who these “experts” are so that they can be reached by outside investigators who seek to learn more about the photo.

In short, while intriguing on the surface, this photo of a monster is, in all probability, a fake as the combination of high technology and the bias of the photographer who is both a believer and a man who stands to gain a lot of exposure (and money) for his business by coming forward with such a claim. Bottom line: while it is truly impossible to say that the Loch Ness Monster does not exist, chances are this photograph is of something else.



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