The Haunted Secrets Of London’s Underground!

Travelling on the London Underground this festive season? Dare you venture into some of these stations when you know their dark pasts?


The popular station is said to be haunted by a sinister spirit dressed in black known as ‘the Black Nun’. There’s been numerous sighting and reports of a suspicious stench. She’s believed to be the ghost of a lady of the cloth mourning the death of her executed brother who worked at the nearby bank which gave the station its name.

She was said to have waited for him outside his workplace every day until she died over 40 years later.

More disturbingly, the unexplained stench could be because Bank was built on top of a mass grave for plague victims in the 17th century.

King’s Cross:

A young woman with brown long hair and wearing modern clothing has been spotted walking the corridors of this station. She is said to scream loudly with her arms stretched out.

A possible explanation could be the fire at Kings Cross in 1987, which killed 37.

Many claim she may be one of the tragic victims.

Covent Garden:

Numerous people have spotted a tall man in a hat, coat and gloves stalking the dark tunnels of the station and even the staff room.

His descriptions bares a close resemblance to the actor William Terris, who was stabbed to death by a deranged fellow actor in 1987 nearby.

Many believe he haunts the station looking to avenge his killer.


Beware if you find yourself alone at night at this station.

A female ghost has been terrifying passengers for years with her piercing screams.

She’s believed to be the ghost of young Anne Naylor, who was killed by her employer aged 12 and her body dumped where the station now stands.

Bethnal Green:

Numerous people have claimed to hear the haunting sounds of woman and children screaming.

Even blood curdling screams have been reported by terrified passengers.

Disturbingly, the station is where 173 people were killed during a World War 2 air raid test. The siren caused mass panic leading to people being trampled to death.


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