The Haunted ‘Devil’s Island’

Devil’s Island has quite a rich and interesting history. Originally, it was called Rous’ Island after the original owner, Capt. John Rous. Later the name was changed to Wood Island, but after a fire destroyed all the trees, it was named Deville’s (or Devall’s) Island, which became anglicized to “Devil’s Island”. However, some will tell you the name “Devil” actually came about from an experience one of the island residents had while near the island in a boat. He claimed a halibut came out of the water and spoke to him, claiming to be the devil. I should interject here to say this was after a party so this account is not that reliable. The man was found drowned in the boat and to my knowledge was alone at the time, so how could anyone know there was a talking halibut if there were no witnesses? A good question, indeed.

In 1830, approximately 20 families lived on the island. Personally, I find this hard to believe as the island does not look large enough to hold that many people. This is only a reported number. I have no facts to substantiate it.

They had a school, general store and eventually 2 lighthouses. The island was inhabited until WWII, when most residents moved to the mainland. The last resident left in the late 1990’s. Today the island is owned by Mr. Bill Mont. The second lighthouse was actually built in 1877 and at one time a rescue lifeboat station was in operation (until the 1950’s) to save stranded vessels in the harbour. There are 3 known shipwrecks directly offshore.

There have been many reports over the years of unexplained phenomenon occurring on the island. In a house that is no longer standing there, there were mystery knocks, moving objects, voices, foul odors and apparitions. In the one house that still stands, there have been reports of lights appearing in the windows. There is no electricity on the island.

Today, there is one abandoned house and a lighthouse, and a smaller broken down shed.

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