The Haunted Box – True Story!

What at first seemed like a harmless, even useless house-warming gift could be the catalyst for strange paranormal activity
Many items have been touted on Internet shops and auction sites as being “haunted.” Those who sell them, thinking they are really haunted or not, are obviously out to make a quick buck. And those who buy them do so either as gag gifts, out of curiosity, or with the hope that the item truly is haunted and will possibly provide some extraordinary activity.

In this case, Garbriella and boyfriend Adam receive an old “haunted” box as a gift. Is the box really haunted? Or is the strange activity that follows conjured up by the apprehension and fearful expectations of the new owners? Does it make a difference? This is Gabriella’s story….

It feels like my friends, my boyfriend, and I are going crazy. Sometimes we’re literally like, “Did this just happen!?”

I live with my boyfriend, Adam, in a nice little flat in Hornchurch, East London, England. Everything was totally fine. We were getting items to decorate our new flat and we both looked forward to inviting people over – cooking them dinner and just being good hosts.


It got to the night that we were going to have our best friends over to our new place and we were kind of excited as it’s our own place. We could do what we want, we can have them stay if we wish – we could do whatever. Adam’s brother Luke came over first and was telling us about “this totally awesome thing” he had in his car and would show everyone when they came.

More friends came over and we were all having a good time. We were drinking and we just ordered pizza. Luke said he was going to show us, as he put it, the “awesomeness.” Luke ran off to his car that was just outside. We were all just waiting for him to get back and carried on drinking and chatting.

Finally, Luke came back holding a box. He says it was Adam’s and my “moving-in box,” and he handed it over to us. I was holding this sorta weird wooden box, turning it over. All my friends rushed up to me wanting to know what it was. What does it do? What’s inside?

“What is this Luke?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just a little something I got you,” he said, smiling at me. “I know you like spooky stuff.”

Adam immediately got defensive and shouted at his brother that this was our new flat, a new start for us, and he didn’t want anything paranormal or scary inside our new home. Luke assured Adam and me that nothing was going to happen to us and it was just probably a box with nothing in it that someone put on the internet claiming that it is haunted, just to get some more money out of people. But it worked because Luke bought it!


We carried on the night and I put the box in the spare room. I remember thinking, It’s really ugly… and why the hell would anyone just give a “haunted” box to someone? Why couldn’t he have got us something nice, some flowers or whatever… not a box!

The night drew on and we were still drinking, talking and just having a good time. Everyone said they’d stay over and, it sounds stupid, but I was really enjoying myself. Our first night to have people over wasn’t a disaster! They liked our new home, they liked the place, and it felt really nice to have everyone together again.

We carried on drinking into the early hours of the morning and the conversation turned to the box again. Adam was kind of hostile and wanted to know why his younger brother Luke would waste his money on a stupid box that he got from the internet with god-knows-what inside. Adam said anyone could say this box is haunted just to get some more money and Luke could have bought something else for him as he’s only a student and doesn’t have much money.

I actually stuck up for Luke. “Well, he got it as a moving-in present for us, so it’s the thought.” I said. “Besides, he said nothing will happen.”

“I’ll show you nothing will happen,” Luke said. Before we knew what was happening, Luke was back with this awful box and opened it. I don’t know what I expected to happen. I think I expected something to jump out at us as a gag, or something to happen straight away.

Nothing happened. Nothing was inside the box apart from some hair wrapped up in a bandage. Adam simply said, “See. Nothing’s inside. You wasted fifty pounds on nothing,” and tossed the box aside.


The next day, I came home from work around 5 p.m. Adam doesn’t get home until 7:30. I thought I’d take a quick shower and then start to get dinner ready, so when Adam got home it was there. While in the shower, I heard our front door open and slam shut. I turned off the water and shouted for Adam, thinking maybe he got home from work early, but there was no answer.

With shampoo still in my hair, I got out of the shower and did a quick check around the flat, looking for him. Strange! Nothing was there – no Adam. I double-locked the door and put the chub key on, and I said to myself that when I got out of the shower and started dinner I would unlock the door. At least then I could see if anyone was there, rather than be in the shower where I can’t see them.

I started to wash my hair again and I heard the front door rattle, like someone was trying to get in, but obviously couldn’t. I shouted out for Adam again, and nothing. Maybe our flat was being broken into? Rushing to the phone, I called Adam. He was still at work, but said he would finish now. He told me to go into the kitchen, grab a knife, and hide in the cubby hole behind the door until he got there. I did exactly that.

What if they kill me? I’m home alone. I’m just a young girl. After what seemed like hours, but must have been only half an hour, I heard the door being unlocked, as Adam has the same set of keys as I do. By this point I was in tears and just hugged Adam. He said he believed me, but it is a tiny flat and people come and go through the main entrance to get to their flats all the time, so I probably heard that.

Fast-forward a few hours. I woke on the sofa with Adam after dozing off to a film we were watching. No sooner had I woken up than the light bulb near us cracked and smashed, causing both of us to jump. Adam rushed up to look at it. The glass bulb was broken and not the inside bit. Adam shrugged it off to the fact that the bulb was there when we moved in, so it must have been there a while and finally gave up.

A few days later, the smell came. We don’t have any animals in our flat, as we’re not allowed, but it did smell like urine. It smelled really bad, and it was soon followed by the smell of smoke and burning. A few times I’ve come home and rushed into the kitchen thinking that maybe a tea towel was left on the cooker and that it’s been burning. A few times I’ve even double-checked my hair straighteners.


Yesterday, June 7, 2013 was the worst of all. I have the week off work as I need to use some of my holiday; if I don’t use two weeks, then it won’t roll over and will just cancel itself out.

I was home alone and I must have dozed off. In my dream I dreamt about an old woman who was hiding in the cubby hole near the door. I would walk to the bathroom and see her. She would then jump on my chest and try to strangle me. I’ve had this dream ever since then. Last night I had this same dream, too. I’m scared to sleep. I can’t look at the cubby hole without seeing her twisted face, even though I know she’s not there.

Our TV has broken, my laptop has broken (I’m currently using my friend’s), the washing machine has broken, and our landlord is coming tomorrow to see what’s wrong with it. Two nights ago, Adam and I had our friends over from that other night, and they said as soon as they walked in they felt “something.” They were joking that the flat smells of urine so badly that we must have been hiding an animal somewhere. We haven’t and we don’t.

While my friend Katie was here, her phone’s battery went from 56% down to 2%. My friends stayed again and Gareth woke up to something sitting on his chest. He said he couldn’t move and he felt this weight on him. He said he finally could move his little finger after some time and the weight went.

I feel like I’m being watched when I’m on my own. Adam says when he’s on his own he feels the same. He said he was in the bath and he heard footsteps and a massive crashing sound. He jumped out to find our photo album of us on the floor, smashed.

We honestly don’t know where to go or where to turn to. Our lovely flat has become… I don’t even know. It’s not the same anymore. We are both worried about our home and we can’t move. We don’t have the money and we have a six-month lease on this place. Please help!


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