The Ghost Of Princess Diana?

A video has emerged which appears to show a ghostly-looking figure resembling Princess Diana in a stained glass window.

The video was shot by Chinese tourists in Scotland and has been described by paranormal writer Michael Cohen – who was sent the video – as one of the “clearest” paranormal images he has come across.

It is understood the footage was taken inside a church in Glasgow, which some who have seen the video say might be significant, as the Princess of Wales’ mother spent a lot her life in Scotland, passing away there in 2004.

The video-takers did not notice Diana when they took the footage but saw the image when they played their holiday video back when they got home.

Michael Cohen said: “The footage is currently being examined by myself and other researchers to ascertain if it is a genuine ghost capture. It might be a bizarre optical illusion, but then again, it could be a ghost – possibly Princess Diana’s.

“Ghosts often appear in places connected to their lives and families. Ghosts might appear to warn individuals, groups and even entire nations of possible impending danger.”

The footage is being used in an upcoming TV series on Paranormal mysteries.


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