The Charlie Charlie Challenge Phenomenon!

The “Charlie Charlie” Challenge (Also referred to as the “Charlie Charlie” Game) is a game which was popularised through the Internet in 2015, partly though the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge. It may have originated from a playground game in Spanish-speaking countries known as Juego de la Lapicera (“Game of the Pens”), although it has also been linked to a 2008 YouTube video entitled “Jugando Charly Charlie”. In 2015 it became popular in the Dominican Republic, and subsequently trended on Twitter. It was later revealed that the Charlie Charlie challenge is in fact a promotion of the upcoming film The Gallows.

The game involves crossing two pens or pencils to create a grid (with sectors labelled “yes” and “no”) and then asking questions of a “supernatural entity” named “Charlie”. The upper pencil is then expected to rotate to indicate the answer to such questions.

The game met with negative reactions from Christian commentators, who viewed it as demonic.

The phenomenon of the pencil’s movement has been explained as an effect of the relative positions of the pencils; the cross arrangement providing an effective pivot on which the upper pencil can easily move due to very slight environmental changes.

If you use a candle while doing the challenge, after you end the challenge and blow out the candle, the candle may light back up 1-2 times maximum. This may not happen every time but can happen.


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