The Case Of The Brookfield Demon!

A demon possessed a young boy, David, and was causing his family great stress. Wanting to help, a friend, Arnie Johnson, described by Ed as, “…very polite, a very good living young man — very hard working.” One night, Arnie grew so frustrated that he challenged the demons to take possession of him and leave young David alone. Needless to say, they did, and with a vengeance. Confronting the possession of Arnie required six Catholic priests, including three from the Vatican. Although the ‘normal’ Arnie showed tremendous respect for these men of the cloth, they feared him, or more pointedly, the demons that possessed him. Multiple exorcisms proved unsuccessful and the priests knew this story would end in tragedy. Ed, seeking to summon what came to be called, ‘The Beast”, by the family, called the demon to his study, only to be shocked and terrified by the forty-three devils that came at him, like a kaleidoscope!

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