Terrified Driver Films ‘Ghost Girl’ On Driving Car In Thailand!

Terrified driver films ‘ghost girl’ sitting on top of car speeding along busy main road

The shadowy figure, with long black hair, perches without difficulty on the boot of the car as it drives at speed
A terrified driver has filmed what he claims to be a GHOST girl sitting on top of a speeding car.

Eerie footage shows a shadowy woman with long dark hair dressed in a striped top perching with ease on the boot of a car driving along a busy main road.

Police are now trying to trace the woman after seeing the clip, which has been viewed more than 2.7 million times since being shared online.

Photojournalist Powarit Katkul captured the bizarre footage in the district of Huai Khwang in Bangkok, Thailand.
Ghosts are revered and often feared in Thai culture.

The creepy figure sits calmly, only moving to point at the people inside the vehicle as she spots herself being filmed.

Powarit told officers that the incident happened on Rama IX road, on Sunday at 6:30pm and that he “couldn’t believe his eyes.”
In the video he can be heard questioning himself, asking friends: “Do you see what I see?”

Police checked the car’s licence plate and discovered that it had been cancelled by the Department of Land Transport and was registered to a brown Opel taxi.

However, the car in the footage is red and does not appear to be a taxi.

Officers say they have contacted the brown Opel’s owner for questioning.

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