Tasmanian Tiger Filmed By Game Camera?

Newly released game camera footage from Australian researchers may be the latest piece of potential evidence that the legendary Tasmanian Tiger still exists.

The Thylacine Awareness Group unveiled the video for the first time at a conference last weekend.

In the footage, which was recorded in 2013, there are two instances of a mysterious animal briefly appearing at the edges of the picture.

Although the first occurrence is extremely ambiguous, the subsequent sighting provides a fairly good look at the creature.

However, even that brief glimpse is more tantalizing than definitive as the animal does not seem to exhibit the trademark stripes of the Tasmanian Tiger.

Additionally, it is debatable whether the mystery creature sports the other characteristic often connected to the thylacine: a stiff tail.

Nonetheless, the newfound footage follows a pair of videos from September which also allegedly showed the elusive animal that had been declared extinct in the 1980’s, decades after it disappeared from the wild.

The renewed debate over whether the Tasmanian Tiger still roams parts of Australia is largely due to the tremendous work of the Thylacine Awareness Group as well as media attention surrounding the 80th anniversary of the last known creature dying in captivity.

Frequently discussed in cryptozoological circles, but largely ignored by the mainstream media in favor of more titillating mystery animals like Bigfoot and Nessie, the Tasmanian Tiger appears poised to steal a piece of that spotlight should additional videos continue to surface.

And, considering the enigmatic nature of the thylacine footage we’ve seen so far, the creature certainly has earned a place alongside its fellow camera shy cryptids.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/33335083/group-says-wa-video-may-show-tassie-tiger/#page1

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