Does This Statue Of Jesus Lift It’s Head?

A puzzling piece of footage purportedly showing a statue of Jesus moving its head has some speculating that it was a divine message.

Very little is known about the video aside from the fact that it is taken two years ago at a Catholic procession and, likely due to the holiday season, went viral this past week.

Beyond that, the precise date and location are unknown and the only insight into the identity of the man who uploaded it to YouTube is that he uses the name Erick Garcia for the account.

Nonetheless, a segment of viewers who have seen the video contend that the statue’s strange movement is miraculous.

Skeptics, on the other hand, point to suspicious movement behind the figure’s robe right before its head moves as an indication that something less than supernatural took place.

Failing that, the contention that the footage is simply a CGI creation must also be acknowledged, since the origins of the video are murky at best.

As with most cases like the video in question, how one sees the scene may ultimately be a matter of faith.


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