Skinwalker Ranch Documentary: Apocalypse Close Encounters!

The Infamous Skinwalker Ranch has a history second-to-none when it comes to the realms of paranormal inter-dimensional highways!!! Was it all just a story made up by the Sherman rancher family to sell the property or is Skinwalker Ranch plagued with cattle mutilations, UFOs, Bigfoot creatures, and poltergeist activity? Did “Haunted Man” from, Marc Coppell, capture what N.I.D.S. (National Institute for Discovery Science) was trying to? Hear voices beyond the grave through shielded ghost box responses, see anomalies caught on camera, experience E.V.P.s (electronic voice phenomena) as seen on t.v. shows, and a potentially dangerous Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounter as all of these activities took place on the ranch’s outskirts!

Marc also queries non-physical intelligences about what is occurring over there.View an exclusive interview with Ute tribal spiritual leader, Larry Cesspooch, all on the subject of the Skinwalker Ranch and his experiences growing up in the area. The surrounding Uintah Basin in North-Eastern, Utah has a history of strange creatures and UFO sightings. Marc also talks about a local major saucer craft sighting in February 2012 which knocked out electricity locally.
Skinwalker Ranch, caught aerospace and real estate entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow’s attention purchasing it in 1996. It became a scientific laboratory to study the phenomenon. The ranch is guarded by ex-military and is adorned with “No Trespassing” signs and barriers.

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