Romania – The Hoia-Baciu Forest!

Right in the heart of the Ardeal region, in a place with an epoch appearance, we can, probably, find one of the most mysterious locations of Romania. A lot of ink has flown on the subject of the Hoia-Baciu Forest, just as many steps of curious people have passed this gate “between worlds” with the hope of catching a bit of paranormal. Some of them have really had some inexplicable experiences that make even the most courageous people shiver. The scientific explorers can not help it and seem to be tied and bound, leaving the speculations, that inflame the imagination of the paranormal phenomena fans, free.

The Hoia-Baciu Forest is, for sure, one of the most famous locations in Romania, where a series of inexplicable phenomena have been investigated and analyzed. It is called “the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”.

It has become famous since 1968. However, the locals have known of its existence since time out of mind. They have kept avoiding it as it is considered an evil place where strange things happen. They all have known that once they have got among the trees, they are able to hear the rustle that seems to come from another world where all the fears of the human subconscious come to life and appear in the way of the ones that are foolish enough to venture into such a place. The locals have noticed on their own that, once they have got into the woods for chopping wood, mowing the grass or picking blueberries or flowers, something strange happens to all of them.

Even from the first steps into the wood, they were hit by inexplicable states of nausea, anxiety, headaches and, sometimes, even burns on their skin. The Hoia-Baciu Forest was a taboo subject for a long time, because people were afraid to even talk about it since the place was considered to be cursed and even dwelled by the Devil.

Alexandru Sift, a biologist started to study those paranormal phenomena that were supposed to happen in the oak wood. He was seduced by the fame of this forest and intrigued by all the incredible stories he was hearing from the locals. So, he started going on many trips in the Hoia-Baciu Forest, noticing that, every time, among the trees, some strange shadows were accompanying him. Being brave, he continued his research and he even managed to take some pictures of the “shadows”. Much to his surprise, even from the development of the images, he could notice, besides the shadows, some other forms, lights and figures that could not be noticed by the human eyes. Since then, many research workers were lured to explore that place.

On the 18th of August 1968, a 45 yeared-military technician called Emil Barnea, ignoring the warning of the villagers, went to spend some resting time during the weekend, away from the stressful life of the city. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, Zamfira Matea and other two family friends that didn’t want to reveal their names. Around 1:00 pm, while he was looking for some wood to set fire to, he was suddenly called by his friends. That was the time when Emil Barnea saw what appeared to be an UFO that was flying with little gear above the forest, without making any noise. The strange flying object started to suddenly shine, making an upsetting tactical exercise in the air. Without any warning, the object accelerated to the sky in an oblique direction. Following it through the view finder of a digital camera, he managed to take 3 shots. After the development of the images, the technician from the city of Cluj contemplated the pictures that were considered, in time, by the international specialists in studying the UFO phenomena – “the clearest images of a UFO taken in Romania and some of the most beautiful ones of a UFO ever.”

Afterwards, Emil Barnea contacted Florin Gheorghita si Ion Hobana, the most famous Romanian UFO scientists that confirmed the authenticity of the pictures. After the pictures were filtered by the authorities of the time, they were taken over by Agerpres, the national agency of press and they became public even overboard. The fame of the pictures reached the climax when they were introduced by the professor C. S. Vonkeviziczky in the UFO International Congress in Acapulco. The pictures were immediately taken over by the books and the magazines that were studying the UFO casuistry.

The Hoia-Baciu Forest keeps on being fascinating, especially because of what the witnesses say about the strangest physical sensations, the lights in the middle of the night, the shapes, forms, the strange appearances of human faces, the voices and the different colors. The place has shortly become famous among the paranormal and esoteric events specialists, entire teams of famous scientific explorers from Germany, France, USA and Hungary visiting the Hoia-Baciu Forest even during the communism and managing to catch some inexplicable phenomena.


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