Rolling Hills Asylum – Ghost Adventures Evidence!


Physical Contact: Nick starts getting pains in his sides like pressure is squeezing him

EVP: “Give Me A Break”, “Remember Me”, “That Would Be Evil”, “I Forgot To Make Him Smile”, “Keep On Dragging From The Bad Drugs We Took:, “Gonna Get Zak”, “Yer Not Gonna Make It”, “I’ll Keep Him”, “2010”, “Nurse, Come Here, Make My Bed Nurse”, “He Cant Stop You”, “Good Luck Tonight”, “So What”, “You Got Messed Up Heartbeats”

Noises: Whistle, Stepping, Moaning, Banging

Other Phenomena: A new piece of equipment that if you walk an inch in front of it, it goes off, senses movement and goes off more than 3 times, and ironically, when Zak says to walk away from it, it stops buzzing and goes back off.

Physical Contact: Zak claims an unseen force grabs his ankle and after that he received an EVP

Physical Contact: Zak begins to get an overwhelming sense of laziness while in the morgue, after he states something, he gets an EVP

Apparition: Aaron claims to have seen the doppelganger of Nick

Physical Contact: Aaron claims to have had an energy hit him and chase him out of a room

Apparition: Using the full spectrum camera, the GAC captured 2 black apparitions moving down and across the hallway


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