Repel Ghosts With This (Expensive) Device From Thailand!

There’s no shortage of fascinating ghost hunting technology on the market today. Whether you’re looking to see invisible spirits, hear their voices, or even communicate with them, there’s a good chance that some mad scientist out there has a gadget that claims to do just that. But for those who are less interested in communicating with spirits as much as banishing them, they’re usually stuck doing things the old fashioned way with holy water or sage.

Well, the days of relying on a biological exorcist are over. A new device claims it will blast the phantoms from your home with “Wave Killer” technology.

The Thai company Super Boondee has released a brand new version of the Trisaksri Ghost Repellent, a device with a design straight out of Ghostbusters, which the company claims will rid your residence of unwanted spirits thanks to its specially-designed circuitry…

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