Paranormal Games You Dan’t Want To Play!

Some paranormal games (think Bloody Mary etc) that you may not want to play!


Introduction: Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai a.k.a. Ancient Japanese Candle Game is quite simple to play and was a summertime activity in old Japan where they used this game as a sort of dare for samurais or even the common folk as a test of courage.

Things you need:
100 candles (use medium-sized candles or those that can burn for a long time)
100 short ghost stories
A lighter

How to do it:
First, the game should be played at night during summertime or when the weather is good or just find a nice spot in the house, to avoid putting the candles off accidentally.

1. Place the 100 candles in a circle and light all of them
2. Gather the players around the candles
3. One by one, the players will tell a ghost story. After each person tells a story, you extinguish a candle
4. When the final candle is blown off, someone or something terrible would be waiting in the darkness.

Note: I have no idea what happens at the end. Play at your own risk!



How To Do It:

1. Dim the lights, and light a few candles. The name of the game is to put you into a nice meditative state. You need to be relaxed and be able to have a free mind. This is most important for this to work. So put on some comfy clothes and reeeeeelax. The only useful door to your mind is an open one.

2. Next, Lay your head in your partner’s lap. Pillows are always nice. Make sure your head is facing up. Your friend will need to rub both of your temples in slow, circular motions. Like a massage. It needs to be relaxing. That is key. Make sure they keep a pretty steady tempo. Much ado about trancing and meditation.

3. This is where your friend will have to guide you, so to speak. Let your mind/ imagination do all the work. This entire time your eyes will be closed, and you will be relaying descriptive information to your partner about your surroundings and such (Suggestion: have a third person recording?) Never second guess what comes to mind. Simply answer your partner’s questions without hesitation, as they come to you. Just let it happen.

4. Here is what your helper should start you with:
“You are at one end of a very long corridor. There are numerous doors on both sides of this corridor, spanning the entire length. I want you to explore these doors, and the rooms behind them. Describe to me what you can see, hear, touch, and feel with great detail.”

And from there, the exploration is up to your mind.

Important Things to Remember

1. Always pay attention to the door first. This will give you a clue as to what waits for you inside. Note doorhandles, any imperfections, unusual color, shape, size. Also the temperature of the doorhandle may or may not be important.

2. IF YOU GO INTO A ROOM FULL OF CLOCKS, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY (or try to…). I don’t know what the reasoning behind this was, all I know is that it was a big deal. You could stay if you wish, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You probably shouldn’t touch any of the clocks either… Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anybody have an idea why a room full of clocks would be bad?

3. This isn’t going to be helpful, but I remember something bad about seeing old ladies, too. -shrug- Anybody have ideas about that as well? Again, this is just stuff I remember from being a kid.

4. Not all things in your mind are benevolent towards you. I’m pretty sure you know that, hanging around here. But I thought I’d remind you. It’s good to ask “yourself” questions, sometimes these manifested characters can be quite revealing… but other times they can just bring you down.

5. Follow your gut instinct about certain doors. Sometimes curiosity really does… kill the cat. 🙁

6. Check what’s on your person. describe what you are wearing. Check your pockets. You might have keys, trinkets…. anything. You never know. They might be useful in your exploration, or at the very least, symbolic.

Happy exploring and be careful!



Things you need:
Bathroom w/ mirror
A box of matches

How to do it:

1. To prepare, close all doors in your house firmly. Make SURE that they are secure. Close all pantries, cupboards, and cabinets, too. Basically, anything that can open. This one is crucial. Turn off all of your lights, even your computer screens and phones.

2. Wait until 12:01 AM. Not a minute later (or earlier) to begin the ritual

3.. Go to your bathroom, and look in the mirror. Close your eyes and make sure everything is completely silent. If you hear anything, get out of the house Immediately. That means he is already here. Think of something that you want. This will be your prize if you win. Ideally realistically achievable.

4. Light a match and wait until it burns out on its own (Do not blow it out. It will anger him). If the match lasts at least 15 seconds, you are ready to begin.

5. Lie on the ground and say the following words: “I am aware of your presence, and I welcome you into my home. Come now”

6. Go into the largest room of your house, and wait.

7. How long this takes will vary. For some, it will take hours, and for some, minutes. You need to be patient.

8. When he is ready, you will hear a faint moaning sound. If you hear anything else, abort the game get the hell out of the house.

9. This is where the fun begins. He will try to find you, and you must hide. Remain absolutely quiet, and don’t make any quick movements, as it could give away your location. Think of it as hardcore hide and seek.

10. You must remain hidden until 3:00 AM. At this time, it is safe to come out. Go, again to the largest room in your house, and say the following: “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome”. There should be a moaning noise in acknowledgement and the game will be over. If you do not hear a noise of some kind then you should repeat that he is no longer welcome and the game is over. This can sometimes take a few repetitions.

11.The next morning when you wake up, your prize will be outside the door to your house.
Congratulations! You won.

Important Things to Remember:

1. Your wish should not bring harm to anyone. There is a grave price for making this sort of deal with him and he may decide the game was not enough to honor it.
2. Note that just because you have asked him to leave, it doesn’t mean he won’t visit again. He cannot harm you unless you play this game again.
3. You should only play this game once.


Introduction: Oyayubi sagashi or Thumb Game, was a Japanese urban legend about a 20 year old woman who was killed and when her body parts were discovered, only the thumb was left missing. The Thumb game’s objective is to find the missing left thumb. If you find it, your wish will be granted. You need three or more people to play this game.

How to do it:

1. Form a circle sitting on the ground.
2. Hold the left thumb of the person on your right. The person on your left should grab your left thumb.(while the game is in progress, don’t let go of the person’s thumb. Otherwise, when the game ends, their thumb will be missing.)
3.. Everyone has to close their eyes and imagine they are in the villa where the murdered woman was dismembered. You must do this seriously or else it will not work.
While the game is in progress, don’t open your eyes.
4. Say the following chant twice.
“Oyayubi, Oyayubi, hear our voices.
Oyayubi, Oyayubi, grant our wish.”
You’ll be transported to a room you’ve never seen before. It’s a western-style villa. There’s one solitary candle in the room.
5. You must start looking for the thumb immediately. You have until the candle burns out to search for the severed thumb.
6. To get back from the villa, you must blow out the candle.

1. While you are in the villa, looking for the thumb, you may feel someone tap you twice on the shoulder. When this happens, do not look behind you. Otherwise, you will never be able to come back alive.

2. It is extremely important that you don’t look behind. If you do, you will be killed. You will never return from the villa. You will be forced to remain there eternally, tapping people on the shoulder twice and then brutally murdering them. Instead of just being a missing person, you will be a murderer.

3. If you manage to find the severed thumb, hold it tightly in your hand and then blow out the candle. You will return and your wish will be granted. If you cannot find the thumb, just blow out the candle and return. Do not allow the candle to burn out on its own or you will be stranded in the villa.

Important Things to Remember
Do not let go of anyone’s thumb.
Do not open your eyes during the ritual.
Do not allow the candle to burn out.
Do not look behind you.

The Thumb Game can be very dangerous. It’s been strictly recommended that you do not play it unless you memorize all of the rules beforehand. A mistake could cost you your life.




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