My Predictions For 2018!

For the past few years I have looked ahead to see if I can forecast what the future brings. Like all who do so, there have been some hits and some misses, some curiously accurate. Let us see what 2018 has in store for us…perhaps:

These predictions are in no particular order:

1: An Asian ferry disaster sees the loss of hundreds of lives.

2: An unknown primate is discovered and classified.

3: Former President G.W Bush passes away.

4: Indian Bollywood star arrested for murder/rape.

5: Indonesian wildfires burn our of control for months coupled with volcanic smoke cause air traffic problems.

6: Large building (possibly a hotel) goes up in smoke in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

7: World renowned Hollywood actor/actress takes their own life.

8: Avalanche in Swiss Alps takes the lives of many holiday makers.

9: Riots occur through major Russian cities.

10: Cruise ship requires rescue off the coast of New Zealand.

It’s only January 1, let’s see how I go!

About Andrew

Co-founder & lead investigator of Paranormal Encounters. I've experienced the paranormal all my life, having encountered ghosts, angels and demons. I live in a haunted house and when not exploring and researching the unknown, I enjoy single malt Scotch whisky & potato chips (though not necessarily at the same time).