Mayong, India’s Black Magic Capital!

Any person who has watched “American Horror Story: Coven” is bound to be fascinated by the land of New Orleans and the ancient traditions of magic that were/are practised there.

And of course, most people have heard of Salem, notorious for the witch hunts and a mecca for thrill seekers and those who wish to dabble in the ‘dark arts’.

Oh, and who hasn’t heard of Hogwarts, or Diagon Alley? Most of the millennial population is far more familiar with the hallways at Hogwarts than the roads that lead to their own home.

Yet, despite our fascination with magic and the occult, few have heard of Mayong – India’s capital of witchcraft.

In the year 1667, when the Mughal power was unmatched, Aurangzeb ordered the Mughal general Raja Ram Singh to subdue the Ahoms. Raja Ram Singh, with the entire might of the Mughal army behind him, approached this mission with trepidation.

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