Malaysian Police Overwhelmed By Calls On The Occult!

Spells sent through social media among complaints coming from around the country and police say elderly make up most of the victims.

This is the 21st century. Yet, Malaysian police have to deal with complaints of the supernatural type.

Besides fighting crime and dealing with traffic and commercial cases, the police are bogged down with reports about bomoh (mediums) and spells.

Sources told The Star that a raft of reports were received nationwide last year relating to supposedly paranormal cases including witchcraft spells being sent through social media.

These bomoh-related cases include being fleeced for seeking services to cure illness and seeking to purge jinxes.

There were also reports made by those who accused their workmates of casting spells on them.

There was a bizarre case where a 51-year-old man lodged a police report in Negri Sembilan on December 19, alleging that a female relative had used witchcraft to make him ejaculate all of a sudden.

The same man lodged another report on December 31, alleging that the witchcraft had affected him badly as he ejaculated at odd places.

There was also a case reported in Kuala Muda, Kedah, on December 24 where a 39-year-old female factory worker claimed she was a victim of witchcraft sent through cyberspace.

She alleged that she had been under the spell of a 53-year-old man since 2015 that led to her even having sex with him on several occasions.

Apparently, she had to seek the help of a spiritual healer to rid herself of the spell and then braved herself to lodge a police report.

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