Jared Leto’s Haunted House!

When things go bump in the night at Jared Leto’s house, it is probably not his imagination. Leto lives high in the Hollywood Hills in an old Air Force Station that was decommissioned long ago, and he believes he is living there with other occupants that have passed on from this world.

It is not only Leto who has witnessed things in his house, he has lost a few of his staff in his home because of the eerie happenings. The old Air Force station is on the top of a mountain and Leto equates it to having his own “refuge.” He reports that he is quite at home in the house, despite the visitors that have scared some of his staff away, according to Digital Spy.

When talking about the house, Leto said the following.

“God knows what they did here. But it talks. We’ve already had ghost sightings reported by my housekeeper. A handyman quit the project as he had an encounter.”

Leto never elaborated on the type of encounter that this handyman experienced, but apparently, it was enough to make him walk off a project he was working on. His housekeeper has also reported ghost sightings in the house.

Despite the ghostly extracurricular activity, Leto isn’t going anywhere. There is something keeping him there, and although it is not anything you can see, he sure likes the way it feels. On top of this mountain refuge of his, there’s a breeze that comes through the house, and this is what Leto describes as an asset offered by the location that he finds hard to leave.

One could only imagine that his experiences with any of the ghostly encounters weren’t that terrifying if it is a breeze coming through the property that’s keeping him there. Leto is certainly not alone, there are a few other celebrities who either know or sincerely believe their homes are haunted.

One of those celebrities is Adele. She purchased a 10-bedroom home for $11 million in Sussex, England, a few years back. The property was once a convent for nuns, according to The Stir. Once moving in Adele heard just way too many bumps in the night, to the point that it creeped her out.

To get a good night’s sleep and to ease her tensions a bit, Adele hired female bodyguards to sleep at this house with her. Then there is Loretta Lynn who has the privilege of knowing where her ghosts originate from. According to The Stir, Loretta Lynn “had the misfortune of buying a home with 19 Confederate soldiers buried on the grounds, plus slaves from an old “slave pit.” If that isnt enough hauntings for you, then she also had a “woman in white” on the premises.

Matthew McConaughey even knows the name of the ghost who shares his home with him, “Madame Blue.” He said this spirit makes noises similar to what you would hear if you dropped a dime from about 10-feet above. The sound of it hitting the floor is one of the sounds haunting his place. According to The Stir, there was one time in Matthew’s life when he walked around the house naked carrying a baseball bat when at home. There’s no explanation on why he did this, but apparently, it had something to do with Madame Blue.

Nicholas Cage once purchased a home in New Orleans that is described as one of the most “severely haunted houses in the United States of America.” The estate was called the LaLaurie Mansion, and stories of a socialite abusing her servants from back in the 1830s came along with the house. Cage purchased the house on purpose because it was deemed as one of the nation’s most notorious haunted houses, but he never slept there the entire time he owned the home. He sold it in 2009.

Even Keanu Reeves has had a run-in with a ghost in a home he lived in long ago. When he was just 5-years-old an apparition of a man in a double-breasted suit and missing his legs appeared to both him and his sister.

People Magazine reports that the Bel Air mansion where American Idol contestants were once housed during filming has its fair share of ghostly reports. One contestant told People how the doors flew open when he and another contestant were watching TV one night. Two of the other contestants report seeing a ghostly arm in the garage of the estate.

Joan Rivers once thought her New York apartment was haunted and when she told the elevator man in the building how her dogs were scared and that something was raising havoc with the electrical power, he seemed to know just who it was. The elevator operator told Joan that it was the former tenant, Mrs. Spencer. She sold that penthouse, reports People.

KE$HA’s home was haunted, and it inspired a line in a song of hers. Bones star, David Boreanaz, claims his haunted house even shook the bed while he and his wife slept one night. The list of celebrities who have had a run-in with ghosts is long, so Jared Leto is not alone by all means when it comes to living in a house that is haunted. Unlike most of the other celebrities, Leto is content to stay there.

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