Is This A ”Columbian Witch”?

Is this a witch? Mysterious shadow in black cloak spotted hovering around apartment building
The bizarre figure appears to float around on the top floor before levitating down on to a lower level in a unworldly manner

A mysterious shadow spotting hovering around on an apartment block could be a ‘witch’, according to residents.

CCTV footage shows a cloaked figure apparently floating around the top floor of the residential building, occasionally disappearing out of view.

At one point, the ghostly shadow leaps from the top balcony onto a lower floor, but appears to be able to hover it mid-air and levitate back up again.

Eventually, the ‘witch’ makes the full jump to the first floor, where it appears lie in wait.

Cali es CaliMysterious witch spotted on CCTVThe mysterious shadow is thought by some residents to be a witch
It is at this point the clip cuts off.

The video has appeared on the Cali is Cali Facebook page and has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

The sighting occurred in Cali, a city in Columbia, although the exact location and date is not known.

Cali es CaliMysterious witch spotted on CCTVThe ‘witch’ appears to hover – before leaping onto a lower floor balcony
But while some viewers were convinced the bizarre figure was a witch, others disagreed.

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