Interview With David Oman!

David Oman co-wrote and produced the film, House at the End of the Drive, which was inspired by his personal experiences living in a house built down the road for the site of the infamous Sharon Tate murders of 8/9/69 (aka the Manson Murders).

David’s home has long been known to house and enormous amount of paranormal activity. Psychics and Ghost-hunters have come from around the world to investigate the other-worldly occurrences that regularly transpire at David’s place. Listen in as he talks about the paranormal, the movie: House at the End of the Drive, and how the two come together.

About Andrew

Co-founder & lead investigator of Paranormal Encounters. I've experienced the paranormal all my life, having encountered ghosts, angels and demons. I live in a haunted house and when not exploring and researching the unknown, I enjoy single malt Scotch whisky & potato chips (though not necessarily at the same time).