Icelandic Belief In The Paranormal!

According to a new survey by MMR, 53.7% of Icelanders believe that there are people with psychic or clairvoyant powers. A third of those who answered, 31,9 percent had attended a séance.

Of those who answered, 67% of women believed in such powers compared to 40% of men. In the age group 68 and older, 70% believed in such powers compared to 41% of people aged thirty and younger.

Those living in the countryside tended to believe in such powers more than those living in Reykjavik, 67 % compared to 46 %.

People who vote for the Progressive Party tend to believe more in such powers than the supporters of other political parties. Of the people asked, 77 % of those supporting the Progressive party believe in psychic or clairvoyant powers compared to 42 % of Independence Party supporters and 40% of Pirate party supporters.

More women than men have attended séances, 44 % compared to 19%.


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