Have You Played ”The Raven Man”?

The Raven Man

You will need:

At least 3 people (the more the merrier) one must be female (She will be the “offering”) and one must be male (He will be the “Incanter”)

Flashligts (One for each person excluding the offering.)

A candle, or similar tool for an unmoving flame. A torch, zippo lighter (zippos are preferred because the ritual calls for extinguishing a flame rather than relighting one.)

Paper and pencil, or an Incanter with a good memory

A small piece of paper or cloth


It is recommended that you perform this in a location in the country, away from any city and during a cloudy, or moonless night. Lighting can cause this ritual to result in unfortunate consequences.

Step 1

Extinguish all lights in the surrounding area, so that no lights can be seen from the spot of the ritual. Precautions should be taken to prevent any disturbances, be it from people or animals. This can cause the ritual to go awry.

Step 2

Find stones, any shape but many of them. Place them in a large circle, enough for everyone to stand on the inner edge without being able to touch arms. The stones must all touch one another, and must, at one point, be shifted so that there is a gap. People should be extremely careful not to disturb them.

The offering should cut herself and remain bleeding until step 5 for most simplicity.

Bystanders must remain outside the circle at all times

Step 3

Place the candle or lighter in the center of the circle, light it, and return to your spot on the perimeter. Everyone within the circle must be completely silent.

Step 4

The Incanter and the Offering should walk to the candle, and face each other. At no point after the lighting of the candle should they have contact, or the Incanter’s life may be put in danger.

Step 5

The Offering must then put a drop of blood on the paper, and hand it to the Incanter. They must make sure they do not touch during this transaction. She can then return to the edge of the circle.

The Offering must not draw blood from herself after the ritual has begun. If she chooses to wait until this step to do so, the Incanter must make the cut.

Step 6

The Incanter must burn the paper over the flame, and close his eyes. All members involved in the ritual must then close their eyes, and not open them until the ritual’s completion.

Step 7

The Incanter must summon the Raven Man by saying an incantaion. There is no specific required incantation , but he must entice the Raven Man to appear in the circle.

Example: “We summon you, Raven Man, to grace us with your supreme presence. We come to bid you offering of this virgin girl, to take as your own, and use as you please. Show your form to me, so that I may present you this gift.”

Repeat the incantation until sounds from outside the circle can no longer be heard. At this time, only the incanter must open his eyes and distinguish the flame, then step back to the circle.

That is when the Raven Man will appear within the circle.

The incanter musn’t attempt to anger, provoke, disrespect, or irritate the Raven man, for all within are now at his mercy.

-To those outside the circle, the Raven Man will appear as a white cloud, and will sound like a high pitched whine-

-Only the incanter is capable of observeing the Raven Man, however all within the circle can hear him.-

Step 8

The Raven Man will now speak to the incanter.

-The Raven Man will be oblivious to all those who keep their eyes shut, and is bound to the interior of the circle. If a bright enough light illuminates someone in the circle, the Raven Man will be alerted to them, and will likely become enraged.-

The incanter may politely ask for the Raven Man to answer his questions, which he can record with paper or pencil.

The Raven Man may agree or decline. If he declines, immediately end the ritual.

No one has ever asked more than 3 questions. The Raven Man appears to know the answer to every question he is asked, but may chose to answer in vague, enigmatic ways. Each answer he has given has been reported as correct with the exception of one.

Ending the Ritual

When the Raven Man refuses to answer any more questions, the people of the circle must all open their eyes and yell “Leave us, Raven Man!” simultaneously (more to confuse the Raven Man than anything else) then the Offering must quickly relight the candle before the Raven Man can stop her.

If she fails to do so, as has been observed once, there will be a howling of wind, and the people in the circle will vanish to those outside. What happens to them is a mystery, though it has once been asked, to which the Raven Man responded “You would wish I had not told you.”


Source: http://hellyeahurbanlegends.tumblr.com/post/63521497786/the-raven-man

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