Haunted Somerset & Dorset!

EVER heard a mysterious bump in the night? Or perhaps thought you saw a ghost? South Somerset and Dorset is maybe more haunted than you think.

Mysteries, legends and the paranormal has fascinated and frightened in equal measure for generations, home to plenty of weird and freaky tales.

Have you encountered any of the following?

Screaming skull at Higher Farm, Chilton Cantelo. Supposed to create havoc whenever there is an attempt to bury it, the tale was first documented in 1791. The skull is said to be that of Theophilus Broome, who died in 1670. He left instructions to leave his skull at the farmhouse and attempts to remove it have ended in poltergeist activity.

The ghost of a monk at Muchelney Abbey. A man fell in love with the daughter of an important knight, who was against the union and prevented them from marrying. The man was heartbroken, became a monk and found his way to Muchelney. He found his love had become a nun there, they renewed their relationship and planned to elope – but were betrayed. The monk was sent to a far off abbey.

The Dragon of Aller. A terrifying beast that spat fire and venom and flew on huge wings. It lived on a hillside cave just outside of Aller before eventually being slain by John of Aller.

Gold Hill Black Dog, Batcombe. Described as having a chain around its neck, the dog – believed to have been buried in nearby woodland – is often spotted.

John Daniel’s Apparition, Beaminster. First spotted by a group of schoolboys in the 18th Century, the children reportedly heard a noise in the parish church when returning to search for old pens. Having ran away only to return again shortly after, they spotted a coffin on one of the benches. The description matched that of John Daniel, who had died seven weeks earlier.

Shaftesbury Abbey. A Benedictine nunnery reportedly home to a monk that had keeled over and died of a stroke moments before telling the Abbess of the abbey where he had buried its treasures during the Dissolution in 1539.

The George and Pilgrim Hotel, Glastonbury. The hotel dates from the 1430s and has a reputation for being haunted by at leasts two ghosts – Guy Lyon Playfair, a monk spotted getting into a guest’s bed, being one, along with a number of figures behind him.

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