Haunted New South Wales – Australia!

My home state, and here’s a substantial list of places you’ll find within it, that have a haunted past! Happy ghost hunting:

Armidale – Armidale High School Auditorium – When in the Auditorium alone, you can hear a faint evil laugh, like its trying to scare you. Occasionally, things will be hurled across the stage.

Asquith – Asquith Girls High School- At night, strange noises are heard near the hall and oval of the school. People who’ve heard these noises say that they heard screams of teenage girls and younger. Various people say that they’ve been hit or nearly hit by large objects from off the top of the roof, such as bricks and roof tiles.

Bathurst – Machatti Park – When there is no one around screams have been heard.

Camberwell – Siena College – Many students and teachers have seen shadows of people who are not there and white ghostly shapes in broad day light. All these have happened in the schools chapel. it is believed to be one of the nuns that used to live there.

Canberra – Duffy – There is a creek around with a house right next to or on top of it where a little girl roams around. The former owners had visits from the little girl. She died in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s by drowning in the creek.

Canberra – Mount Cotton – A place called Spook hill. Turn your car off, hop out and it rolls up all by itself.

Cootamundra – Monte Cristo Homestead – Used to be owned by wealthy man. In the “Boy’s Room”, an evil presence is felt, children without history of asthma have severe asthma attacks. Dairy severely haunted, man attacked by something he couldn’t see.

East Hills – Lucas Rd/Henry Lawson Dr creek – which leads to the Georges River is Haunted by an old local fisherman. he was a lonely man whose only companion was his blue heeler dog. He kept to himself and like to avoid contact with people. He would regularly be seen scavenging for bait in the creek. Then mysteriously disappeared and wasn’t seen again. Many locals have reported that they have seen the old man round the creek especially with the occurrence of a full man. Many residents near by have reported hearing a dog howling at night in the creek. But no dog is seen!

Kurri Kurri – Richmond Vale Rail & Mining Museum – Richmond Main is an abandon Mine which operated from 1910 to 1967, to day it is a steam railway and mining museum. During it’s operating life there were 54 lives lost from accidents and mistakes. In 1922 a mine shaft that drops 300 feet underground, which is preserved today, was taking five miners down to the bottom of the pit when it’s cable snapped and the shaft cage was still 200 feet from the ground and all miners lost there lives, )the records of the incident still exist.) Today about 5 out 10 people who visit the museum and have had a look at the abandon shaft say that they feel very sad, and some say they hear sounds of people yelling out as if they are falling. And strange things happen to some of the steam locomotives preserved at the museum, some of the drivers have said that various controls on the loco’s No. 30 A former South Maitland Railway’s loco is the engine that has strange things done to it, the Throttle will be fully open for the locomotive to move when the drivers have left it in the closed position, there are also incidents where there the driver or fireman or both are in the cab and the engine’s whistle will be pulled right in front of the fireman and driver’s eye’s with nether of them pulling the whistle cord, and is said to be a sprit of the former manager Mr. John Brown died there in 1930 (cause of death not known), and he has been seen during early morning firing of the steam loco for a days run, but different engine crews just wondering around the shed’s this has got to two museum members that they refuse to ever work in that area ever again, Mr. Brown is 5 out of 10 time seen on the third Sunday of each month.

Junee – Monte Cristo – Australia’s most haunted house. Hundreds of sightings and strange occurrences happen in and around this house every year. Visitors tell of cold spots, voices and not being able to ascend certain stairs due to some unexplained force. The homestead is open to the public and can also be viewed at – www.montecristo.com It has also been the focus of some Australian television programs. A beautiful homestead with a not so beautiful past.

Lochinvar – St. Josephs Campus – This school used to be a boarding school years ago, and also a convent is next to it. It is believed to be haunted by a former boarder that has died and screams come out of a room that is no longer used.

Maitland – Maitland Jail – Various hauntings, lights, voices, cold spots. Now considered to be the most haunted place in Australia. Jail is no longer in use, but tours are conducted at various times of the year.

Mitchell – Crystalbrook – Crystalbrook is a property North of Mitchell. The men there have reported seeing a man riding a horse near the house yard, and often report someone walking up and down the verandah early in the morning waking the men up to go to work. When they check, there is nobody there and everyone is still asleep. Older neighbors believe this to be the ghost of the former owner of the property, and remark on how he used to ensure all his workers were up with the sun.

Picton – Picton Tunnels – The Picton Tunnels is an abandoned train tunnel used more than 100 years ago. A young lady had been run over by a train, and her ghost still lurks around at night. Witnesses have seen lights, gusts of winds, and shadows. There is also the ghost of a girl, who had been raped and murdered, but she is seen rarely, and the ghost of a girl who hung herself at the entrance of the 200-meter tunnel.

Purfleet – Purfleet Medical Centre – It is said that a ghost of a woman haunts this place, day or night. People who work there have felt and seen a shape of a woman just walk through. It gets very cold and causes fear in all who work there. She is lead to be a women who die and buried under the place of the medical centre.

Queanbeyan – Air Disaster Memorial – It’s believed that if your car stops on the cattle grid, a nurse which help out the wounded when the air disaster happened, comes running at your car and tries to get in to help you as if you were injured. She tries to get in anyway possible too. There are stories of people’s wind-screens been smashed by her. another story is once a young girl was found beneath a cattle grid. She had died not long before she was found, although the ground around the grid had not been disturbed. The grids weigh in excess of 500 kilograms. And whatever you do, don’t turn your car off while your there, it will stall.

Sydney – Berry – Berry Camp Sports and Recreational Centre – They say that many years ago they locked up unwanted naughty boys and then killed them. Most commonly the girls side of the campsite is haunted.

Sydney – Blue Mountains – Springwod – St. Columba’s – St Columba’s is a very old school, but long before it was a school it was a seminary. and once a priest in training jumped off the bell tower. now people who have been in the school at night have seen a figure up on the bell tower, preparing to jump the four stories down. also, people who have been by themselves have reported being touched, or not being able to open doors, and feeling cold for no reason. Aboriginals have always felt that there was as strange presence on the grounds there fore feeling uncomfortable on the grounds.

Sydney – Busby – James Busby High School – Built in the 1960’s as a temporary high school, but due to population rapidly increasing it has been made a permanent high school that still remains today. Reports of class room lights flashing of a night and of a ghost like dog that chases people who dare to take a short cut through the grounds of the school late at night.

Sydney – Capitol Theatre – About ten years ago, the Capitol Theatre in Sydney was re-furbished. One day a security guard decided that patrolling the site was not worth the money after seeing a ghost. Reports of seeing the apparition of a man.

Sydney – Castle Hill High – Haunted by ex student who committed suicide , in the quadrangle at night time a man has been said 2 watch you from one of the windows and witnesses have seen weird orbs floating on the school hall and often hear screams of a young girl.

Sydney – Darling Harbor – Xerts Restaurant – Ghost of a little boy who died a few days after having his birthday party there is said to haunt the restaurant. Staff who work there have seen a little boy riding a tricycle around the restaurant and staff that work nightshifts can feel strange presence. The restaurant also holds rides and whoever wants to get off puts up their hand. But once the staff member saw someone put up their hand but no one was there. However the ghost is harmless and is hardly seen by clients.

Sydney – Green Valley – the lights in Busby west school lights continue to go on and off 6 people reported that they could of sworn they saw it. teachers student police and others reported they could of saw a young innocent girl moaning and upset as for she has been stab in 1996 that still remains today in Busby west boys school toilet.

Sydney – K-World (beside Hyde Park) – This is a belowground place for people to sing karaoke, which is in the lowest level of the building and is just beside the Hyde Park on Elizabeth Street. People claimed that they came across a ghost in room 11. The story is after they had finished singing the karaoke and were going to made payment at the counter. The counterperson said that there were 10 people inside the room and demands them to pay for 10 persons. However, there were only 9 of them, so they refused to pay for 10.Then, the counterperson said he/she saw that there were 10 persons in that room.

Sydney – Kingsgrove – Shackel Avenue – Scout Hall – This derelict abandoned scout hall once used by many has been haunted ever since 1999 when apparently a man was murdered and buried underneath the scout hall. It is said that at night if u go under the hall you can see a ghost of what looks like a man with one arm. Strange noises have been heard and children often in their teens bring Ouija boards and play with them under this haunted hall, which is extremely dangerous. If visiting this hall take precautions and don’t take Ouija boards because of many hazards to your spiritual well being and psychological health. Is still used today by the rovers but no one dares go underneath the hall which is filled with junk, wood, and various other materials.

Sydney – Liverpool Tafe – A girl at night can bee seen lurking around the K block building. Wearing only white Reports have suggested the girls name is Helen.
New South Wales – Sydney – Macquarie Fields Station – late at night, when the station is nearly empty, there is always moans and groans by what sounds to be a young girl in her teens. Screams would begin and it would become much louder, other people have heard the sounds too. Someone has once reported that they swear they saw a young girl wearing dancing clothes covered in what looked like to be blood in her chest area (she was clutching her chest) lurks around the station moaning and groaning and sits in the middle of the station and just stares and cries. No one has reported any violence/harm of the ghost.

Sydney – Quarantine Station – People who visit the now empty Quarantine Station are often pushed by people who are not there. They are even pushed to the floor during the middle of the day!

Sydney – Shivan’s House of Minto Heights – A boy named Shivan once lived in this two-story house in Minto Heights. He had been run over in front of his house, and he is now seen in the windows of his house with a frown.

Sydney – Wakehurst Parkway – Notorious stretch of highway that is known for many fatal crashes. Many of which are said to have been caused by a young girl by the name of “Kelly” who enters into people’s motor vehicles as they drive along the dimly lit road after midnight. If she is not informed that her presence is unwanted, she will make the car veer off the road and crash.

Sydney – Wollongong – mountain coal mine – in the early 20th century around 1920 a mineworker was killed. this mineworker was disliked in the community and at work and whenever he was taunted he cried and then let out evil laughs. this is said to continue as he is still trapped inside and is still being taunted by his co-workers. if you go up to the mountain at midnight when his shifts were you can still hear him. It’s quite a very scary experience because many people say he hits and tugs at you.

Tamworth – King George Avenue – It you drive or walk to the end of the avenue late at night and face back towards the city quite often a phantom set of headlights will come flying towards you. Random electrical problems such as fuses blowing have also occurred frequently. Many people have crashed and died on this stretch of road as it used to be a popular drag strip.
New South Wales – Tamworth – Woolworth’s car park – If your ever in Tamworth and you go shopping at Tamworth shopping world, never be in the underground car park alone after 1am! About 17 Witnesses report feeling tickled and temporary loss of sight.

Wentworth – Wentworth jail – its an old jail they have a photograph taken by a visitor to the jail on a tour that has an unexplainable white haze in it that wasn’t there when the picture was taken. It appears to be one or two white figures. This jail is a very old jail. Undoubtedly haunted. Some visitors have even claimed to hear voices. Unwelcoming feelings felt while being there.

Wollongong – Wombarra cemetery – The cemetery covers a windswept headland that juts out to sea in Wombarra, Northern Wollongong. Witnesses have seen a white figure standing at the end of the headland and looking out to sea. Only from a distance though.

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